By the light of our charter
How far can we see?

The Campaign

By the Light of Our Charter How Far Can We See? Our campaign began quietly in 2013, backed by school leaders, OPCs and parents who share the goals of our Strategic Vision and joined together to create exciting changes now and for years to come.

When the campaign went public on Oct. 20, 2017, we had raised $50 million toward an ambitious goal of $75 million. Together we carry forward William Penn's legacy and advance our vision.

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The Campaign in Motion Read Campaign Stories

We See

It's personal. An OPC's experience. A parent's dream. A teacher's sense of purpose. PC people tell their stories.

Sid & Jill Steinberg

P '11, '14

Bill Graham

OPC '58 | The Graham Company

Claudia and Richard Balderston

"As parents of two OPC 'lifers' who are now well into adulthood, we are more compelled than ever by the unique foundation that Penn Charter created for our children."
OPC '69, and P '02, '05

Our Spaces

Our vision for a campus transformation includes an Academic Village with a new lower school, an Athletics and Wellness Center, and a new landscape for outdoor learning.
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Our Vision

Not mere progress, not incremental gains. A flashpoint of new invention.

Re-Engineering the Academic Village

A new Lower School will reshape learning for our youngest students and unite pre-K to 12 students in a vibrant community, an academic village.

Building on Brilliant Teaching

Salary support, benefits, and opportunities to advance knowledge and teaching practice build a faculty of lifelong learners excited to collaborate with students.

Amplifying Athletics and Wellness

Facilities for physical education, health, sports and training will promote fitness, enhance performance, and fortify the PC athletic legacy.

Extending Our Public Purpose

Financial aid and the Center for Public Purpose connect us to our foundational Quaker values and create a learning environment and real-world experiences that benefit every student.

Evolving Our Campus Master Plan

With a focus on the environment, new and re-purposed facilities, and a new landscape, will provide for outdoor learning and meet the changing needs of the educational program.

Ensuring the Next Decade

Bold innovation and transformative learning depend on financial sustainability, and the Annual Fund is key.

Your Gift Matters

Unrestricted Capital 3590629 4902303 4902802 4905287 5721948 6255528 14303528 16304528 20932486 20932486 2120546021205460

Campus Transformation 60269 896080 987407 1138907 1391431 1753676 1837026 2128676 2128676 2140693 24134822360095
Scholarship Endowment 1434990 2227639 2325838 2872975 4483414 5507154 5577497 5983595 6683429 7197489 73047247419339
Faculty Endowment 0 890782 890981 1067660 1134742 1108062 1110861 1273732 1273732 1524723 16248231683009
Annual Giving 1699958 4027518 5086449 6688873 7492860 8909553 10021593 11998410 12188002 12454208 1420170814393665
Planned Gifts 3625000 3922413 3922416 4597413 4597413 4597413 4921413 5124413 5124413 7624413 77244138224413
Other Campaign Gifts 25000 75000 125000 200000 225000 250000 275000 1467664 1467664 1732604 17326041746490





Total Raised


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You are here because Penn Charter matters to you, too.
Join us to advance our shared mission and goal to create the most challenging, exhilarating educational program.