By the light of our charter
How far can we see?

So Near, So Clear

The How Far? campaign has now raised more than $118 million toward an updated goal of $125 million. The spirit of philanthropy in our community ensures the brightest future for the school we all love. 

By the Light of Our Charter How Far Can We See? Our campaign began quietly in 2013 and went public in 2017, all the while backed by school leaders, OPCs and parents who share the goals of our Strategic Vision and joined together to create exciting changes now and for years to come. Together we carry forward William Penn's legacy and advance our vision.

Our work is now focused on closing the fundraising gap and securing the support we need to complete our campus transformation. The Graham is now open, and we can see just how close we are to building a new lower school and realizing our vision of an Academic Village

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We See

It's personal. An OPC's experience. A parent's dream. A teacher's sense of purpose. PC people tell their stories.

Greg Summers

OPC '89 | P '23

Bill Graham

OPC '58 | The Graham Company

Marcy Sosa

P '18, '31 | Director of Lower School

Spaces Realized, Spaces to Come

Our vision for a campus transformation includes an Academic Village with a new lower school, the William A. Graham IV OPC '58 Athletics & Wellness Center, and a new landscape for outdoor learning.
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Our Vision

Not mere progress, not incremental gains. A flashpoint of new invention.

Your Gift Matters

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