Campaign Leadership



Head of School Darryl J. Ford Hon. 1689

Assistant Head of School Beth Glascott Hon. 1689

Darryl Ford and Beth Glascott led the Strategic Vision process and shaped the goals and the strategies to meet those goals.

They were integral to the campus master planning process and the development of the capital campaign, By the Light of Our Charter, How Far Can We See?

Campaign Co-Chairs

Christine Angelakis, P '11, '13, '18

William F. MacDonald Jr. OPC '62, P '05

Overseers of William Penn Charter School

John A. Affleck OPC ’64, P ’98, ‘02
Christine Angelakis P '11, '13, ’18
Richard A. Balderston OPC ’69, P ’02, ‘05
Anne Marble Caramanico Hon. 1689, P’ 07
William B. Carr Jr. OPC ‘69
Grace Sharples Cooke P ’08, ‘11
George Eastburn P ‘94
Ilana Eisenstein OPC ‘95
David Evans OPC ‘59
Jane F. Evans Hon. 1689, P ’93, ’95, ’98, GP ‘24, Assistant Clerk
Amy Gadsden P ’23, ’23, ‘27
Karen Hallowell (on leave 2020-2021)
Mark D. Hecker OPC ‘99
Terry A. Nance
Jeffrey A. Reinhold P’12, Clerk
Benjamin E. Robinson III OPC ‘82
Robert L. Rosania OPC ‘82, P '22, '23
W. Scott Simon OPC ‘78
Larry Turner P ’19, ‘22
F. John White OPC ’65, P ’90, ’96, ‘99
Caesar D. Williams Jr. OPC ’80, P ‘15

Senior Overseers

George C. Corson Jr. OPC ‘52
Nelson J. Luria OPC ‘59
William F. MacDonald, Jr. OPC ‘62, P '05
Edward Zubrow Hon. 1689




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