Annual Fund

 Gifts to the Annual Fund make possible the curricular innovation and exceptional teaching we see happening at Penn Charter now.

The Annual Fund represents six percent of the school’s annual operating budget. A robust fund is critically important to fulfilling Penn Charter’s vision.

The Annual Fund provides unrestricted support that the school can designate where it is needed most. Money raised during one academic year is used for education programs in the next academic year to ensure fiscal responsibility and not spend in excess of available funds.

Volunteers from across the Penn Charter community support the effort to raise funds for the Annual Fund via:

Every gift supports excellence at Penn Charter. Make a gift online, or give another way.

Contact Emma Rowan, Director of the Annual Fund 215-844-3460 ext. 227 or 

I give to PC because PC gave so much to me. One of the reasons I became a teacher was that I could hopefully provide to others the type of excellent education provided to me by my teachers at PC. OPC '94