Great Day To Be a Quaker

Great Day to Be a Penn Charter Quaker Is Thursday, March 15!

Stay tuned for new videos, photos and updates, coming soon.

Share your memories, favorite moments, and what you love about Penn Charter using #GreatDayPC on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or by emailing

Watch for announcements about challenges and matches to inspire our community to support the PC Annual Fund.

Great Day to Be a Quaker 2017 Promo Video
Great Day to Be a Quaker Wraps Up
Great Day to Be a Quaker 2016 Promo Video
Quick Takes from Faculty, Coaches on Why It's a Great Day

Every day is a great day at Penn Charter and these faculty and coaches told us their favorite PC memories, moments, tidbits about why it's great to be a Penn Charter Quaker. 

Breeze through this group of videos made for our first Great Day to Be a Quaker. Watch one or watch them all


March 15 Is a Great Day to Be a Quaker!

It's a Great Day to Be a Penn Charter Quaker! 

We're at it again! We all know that every day is a great day to be a Penn Charter Quaker because of the incredible teachers, heartfelt — and hilarious! — memories of our time on campus, and the community we share.

We want to hear from you! What is your favorite memory of Penn Charter? What do you love about the school? Share your stories with the PC community!

On Thursday, March 15, join us online and on social media to tell us what you love about PC and see what others are sharing. Share your memories of PC with us, get a peek into current campus life and make a gift to Penn Charter. 

How do I participate? 

Check out this page throughout the day to see a few new videos, progress toward our goals, and memories and photos sent in by other OPCs and parents!

Share your stories with us by posting a comment on this moderated blog, or via social media or email. Tag @PennCharter or use #GreatDayPC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (Your account must be public for us to see your posts, but you can share privately with your friends, too.)

Make a gift to Penn Charter on the day to help us reach our Annual Fund goals. Each donation, from $5 to $5,000, supports the excellence before our very eyes at Penn Charter! 

What is Great Day? 

A day to celebrate all that we love about Penn Charter and to support our school. Our community will come together to tell stories of a favorite teacher, a joyful moment seeing your child thrive, a raucous bus ride home from a big sports win or a proud achievement from your years with PC. 

As you fondly recall Old Penn Charter, support the Penn Charter of today and tomorrow. 

The Stars of Great Day to Be a Quaker: YOU!


We’ve always known that PC pride runs deep, but WOW!


Hundreds of tweets, Instagram posts and email submissions brought together the PC community for one GREAT day, March 15. Your recollections and old photos rolled in throughout the day. The blog,, was alive with faculty tales of PC traditions and memories. On campus, we loved seeing parents, faculty, staff and students share the joy of being a Penn Charter Quaker. With musical performances at each division to play us into the day, a PC-themed photo booth and cake—hand-delivered by William Penn, in some cases!—we had a fun-filled campus.


Great Day to Be a Quaker raised $210,595 for Penn Charter; a whopping 345 of you made a Great Day gift. That’s 15% of the Annual Fund goal from 15% of donors in just 24 hours.


Our network responded overwhelmingly to the giving challenges posted in the morning and the afternoon. With the dollar-for-dollar match in place in the morning from a generous overseer, your gifts quickly surpassed his $20,000 matching gift.

Inspired by the PC community and its extraordinary generosity, another overseer challenged us all to make a-gift-just-right for Great Day and for our individual means. With participation the name of the game for this challenge, we blew past the challenge of 250 donors for a total of 345 on the day.


$210,595.14 Raised on Great Day
345 Great Day donors*
145 OPC donors
160 Parent donors
101 Faculty/Staff Donors
118 New and revived donors
*donors may be part of more than one group


Post-it notes filled the message boards in each division throughout the day, responding to the query: It’s a Great Day to Be a Quaker because… Messages like “because I’m a 3rd trimester senior!” “because of great teachers and classmates!” “because you are accepted no matter who you are!” “because PC challenges you to be the best you can be!” and “because being a Quaker helps you stick together with friends and family” made our blue-and-yellow hearts swell. Online, many of you told us why you choose to support Penn Charter. A few of those messages were:

“I’m an alumnus who gives cheerfully every year!”—OPC ’34 (our oldest OPC donor)

“I was fortunate enough to receive the gift of a Penn Charter education from my parents. I give to Penn Charter to help give this gift to others. #greatday”—OPC ’01

“Because I’m so deeply grateful for the outstanding education my son is receiving at PC. And because the Middle School faculty blows my mind on a regular basis.”—PC Parent

“The VALUES! Our children have learned inclusion, respect, honesty and strong work ethics. PC helped make us ‘even prouder’ parents!”—PC Parents

“I give because PC is a great place to teach and learn. It is a school that lives its mission and nurtures all community members to be their best selves.”—Faculty Member

“Penn Charter gave our daughter 12 years of an amazing education. She always says it was her PC education that shaped who she is and prepared her for her future! We agree!!! Thank you to all the amazing teachers and PC staff that supported her along the way. We love Penn Charter!”—OPC Parents

Matching Our Excitement: Great Day to Be a Quaker Anonymous Matching Gifts


The power of a matching or challenge gift is simple mathematics, and the power of a well-designed gift was evident at Penn Charter on March 15, 2016, Penn Charter’s first annual Great Day to Be a Quaker.

Amid the fun-filled day online and on campus, two anonymous donors put forward well-publicized fundraising challenges that motivated people to not only celebrate what it means to be a Penn Charter Quaker but to support the school financially.


As the day opened, each new gift was matched dollar-for-dollar by the first donor, up to $20,000. Support from OPCs, parents, faculty and friends quickly rolled in from supporters who recognized that their $50 gift would become $100, their $500 gift $1,000. The double-your-money incentive attracted attention and support, working just as the donor intended.

“I wanted to encourage people to join in supporting the Annual Fund, especially those who hadn’t done so in the past,” said the anonymous donor. “The Annual Fund is one of the most important fundraising activities we have. It bridges the difference between the cost of education at Penn Charter and tuition.”

That difference, or gap, means that the school relies on Annual Fund support to provide an excellent education to every single student enrolled at Penn Charter. “For me, my support of Penn Charter, especially the Annual Fund, has always been about the students,” said the matching donor. “It is about the great opportunities students receive from the school, the dedication of the teachers, and about watching every student grow, develop and then graduate to go on and do great things with their lives.”


The matching gift incentive reached the $20,000 ceiling by midday on March 15, which was when a second anonymous donor stepped up with a new challenge: If 250 people made a gift on Great Day to Be a Quaker in support of the Annual Fund, the donor would unlock an additional $25,000.

“Penn Charter is part of my DNA at this point,” the second donor said. “I am happy with the school, how it is run, and the progress it has made. Great Day to Be a Quaker was a great idea, and I thought the match would draw additional attention and excitement to it.”

And draw attention the match did! With remarkable response to the video announcement featuring Chief Development Officer Jack Rogers Hon. 1689, the Penn Charter community rose to the challenge, reaching 250 donors by the late afternoon. Even then, we kept going, ultimately garnering more than 300 participants.


More than $202,000 was raised for the Annual Fund, from 312 donors. That single-day boost put Penn Charter on the path to exceed the 2015-16 Annual Fund goal of $1,350,000. “I was watching the blog and social media on the day. It was a good feeling to see such a community effort, and to watch the support numbers tick up was interesting and encouraging,” the anonymous donor said. “I think the day was wildly successful.”


Another Great Day!


Once again, March 15 was an exceptionally great Day to Be a Penn Charter Quaker!

More than 449 donors raised an incredible $322,607 for the Annual Fund, which supports every student, every teacher, every day.

The celebratory atmosphere online and on campus made for a wonderful day. We were excited by the memories and messages from OPCs and parents about their love of the school. Students attended classes, shared thoughts on why PC is great, giggled in the photo booth, sported their blue and yellow, and enjoyed cake to match!

“In so many ways, Penn Charter is strengthened, uplifted, by our incredible community,” said Head of School Darryl J. Ford. “The relationships formed here enrich us now, and as our OPCs noted on Great Day, throughout our lives.”

Gifts from our OPCs, parents, friends and faculty and staff won us a $100,000 match from a generous donor and, together, pushed us over $200,000 before 3 pm.

Gifts from faculty and staff quickly exceeded the $10,000 match from the Alumni Society. And an anonymous $20,000 challenge spiked participation by young OPCs.

Members of our community connected online and on campus to share what they love and remember about Penn Charter.

After being neck-and-neck all day, Blue eeked out a win over Yellow in the Blue-Yellow Midnight Challenge by just 20 donors!

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