Great Day Blog Posts

A $200,000 Challenge

If we can reach 500 donors on Great Day, a group of generous donors will make a collective gift of $200,000! Gifts of any size count, so please consider supporting the Annual Fund, and share why you love PC!  


The Blue-Yellow Challenge

The Blue-Yellow Challenge is back and better than ever! In addition to earning a point for your team when you make a gift, you can earn bonus points by attending our virtual events, or throughout the day in mini-challenges on social media. Keep following @penncharter to find out more. 


This is just the beginning; more exciting ways to get involved in Great Day are coming soon! Stay tuned for a virtual photo booth, celebrations of the past year's silver linings (or, as we like to say, blue and yellow linings) and new kinds of joy. 

Great Day 2021

Great Day Midday Update

Watch the video message. We are halfway through the day and this community has raised over $116,000 from more than 200 donors so far. Thank you!

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