Great Day To Be a Quaker

Great Day to Be a Quaker is coming Friday, March 15! 

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Friday, March 15, 2019 is Great Day to Be a Quaker Follow @PennCharter and #GreatDayPC Share. Participate. Give

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    Great Day to Be a Penn Charter Quaker a Big Success!

    You can still share your memories, favorite moments, and what you love about Penn Charter using #GreatDayPC on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

    Thank you for your gifts!

    Quakers on the Street

    In the tradition of on-the-street interviews, PC technologist Julian Guindon ventures into the classroom and out onto the playground to pose some of life's essential questions to some of Penn Charter's youngest students.

    Their answers are so kind, so creative, and so strong. Watch these PC Quakers.

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    Sun Sets on School Day, Great Day Fun Continues Tonight

    Our students are heading home after a wacky and wonderful Great Day on campus. But Great Day to Be a Quaker continues tonight online. We will continue to update the Blue-Yellow Challenge numbers and the gift totals as we drive to the finish line

    #GreatDayPC, photos from campus, memories and moments from OPCs and parents have been exciting to watch! Be sure to take a look on Twitter and add your own messages.

    Enjoy this video wrap-up from today's festivities on campus and, if you haven't already, make a gift to support excellence at Penn Charter

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    Great Day News! New Challenge Just Announced!

    It has been a fun-filled day on campus already, and we've reached the $100,000 match! Thank you to all who have given to Penn Charter this morning.

    Jack Rogers Hon. 1689 got a call from an overseer who has offered us a challenge. If we surpass last year's participation number of 450 donors, Penn Charter will unlock a $25,000 gift! As of 1:30 p.m. we have 206 donors in.  

    Please help us get there! Make a gift now to support excellence at Penn Charter!  

    Watch Jack's video message

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    Why Do You Give?

    This morning, an OPC left a message in the Why Do You Give? field of the Make a Gift page when he donated. 

    "PC changed my life profoundly. I have incurred a debt that can never be paid back because of the people there. I try to pay it forward as best I can, but it is also important to remember to pay back. I feel so fortunate that the modesty of my donation can be matched today. Every day is a great day to be a Quaker. Today is a little more special, however." -OPC '90

    Messages like these are special reminders of why every day is a Great Day to Be a Penn Charter Quaker. 

    Enjoy this video slideshow and messages of why Penn Charter is special to so many. 

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