Senior Parent Gift



The Senior Parent Gift supports professional development for Penn Charter teachers. Prior graduating classes have supported this effort, ensuring that our children had excellent teachers dedicated to teaching in innovative, exciting and effective ways. 

The gift supports current and future PC students — some of them our own younger children! — and continues the tradition of outstanding teaching and learning at the school.

Commitment to student education and community is what I’ve come to appreciate most about Penn Charter teachers. 

Darryl Brooks P '22Senior Parent

Penn Charter understands the vital importance of adaptability and dexterity, and we encourage our faculty to teach for the future: to embrace creativity, collaboration, global partnerships, innovative curriculum, and technologies — all to prepare our graduates for tomorrow.

We attract and retain exemplary educators by offering competitive salary support and professional development opportunities to ensure the growth of great teachers. Ultimately, every investment Penn Charter makes in our teachers pays dividends to our students in the form of updated experiences, projects, and approaches.

Senior Parent Gift Committee

John Boxer P '22 (Olivia)
Darryl Brooks P '22 (Noah) 
Heather & Scott Brucker P '22, '25 (Marissa)
Jennifer Handler P '22, '24, '27 (Jackson)
Maggie Lockwood P '18, '22, '28 (Henry)
Nicole Martz P '22, '24 (Lauren)
Tony & Erica Salvi P '22 (Bella)
Cynthia & Larry Turner P '19, '22 (Grace)
Ardath Weiss P '22, '25 (Charlie)


Contact Lauren Stabert, Director of Parent Engagement, via email, or at 215-844-3460 ext. 276. 

We give to Penn Charter because it – in particular the teachers – continues to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to exceptional instruction in academics, athletics and the arts. During the 15 years that we have been involved with the school through our children, the teachers have molded them into life-long learners, provided them with numerous opportunities to apply the moral and ethical lessons discussed in the classroom, on the playing field, and multiple ways to explore and refine their artistic talents. It is clear that these opportunities would not have been available to them, or others, without giving by us and others. We are happy to do our part. Cynthia and Larry Turner P '19, '22Senior Parents

Valuing Innovative Teaching and Learning (VITAL)

One example of support for faculty that the Senior Parent Gift provides is Penn Charter's VITAL summer grant program, an exciting new model for faculty summer work. VITAL provides teachers with time and resources for research and collaboration that result in innovative curriculum.

As an example, this video highlights the work of our Teaching & Learning Center to inspire and connect teachers to each other and to new resources, leading to renewed consideration of our teaching methods and ways to improve student learning in the classroom. 

Thank you for supporting our teachers and their professional development!

Billy and I contribute to the Penn Charter Annual Fund yearly because we believe and support the school's commitment to the Quaker philosophy of integrity and faith toward educating our children, meeting them where they are academically, socially and emotionally.  Maggie Lockwood P '19, '22, '28Senior Parent


Make a Gift Online

Make a Gift

Celebrate your senior, support professional development for faculty and staff, and show your appreciation for Penn Charter faculty!

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By the light of our charter

We See:

  • A school committed to continuous faculty development
  • Educators empowered to create and reflect on fresh methods
  • Students inspired by engaging, enlivening, ever-evolving teachers
two male teachers pose with musical instruments designed and made on 3D printers and laser cutters

How much farther can the light of inspired teaching shine?

Our commitment:

  • Makes possible hundreds of visits each year to our Teaching & Learning Center, a new model for professional development
  • Supports dozens of faculty-led pedagogy workshops and talks every semester
  • Provides funding for teachers who want to learn more, both at conferences and in classes


Contact Lauren Stabert, Director of Parent Engagement, via email, or at 215-844-3460 ext. 276. 

Thank you!


Karen Steffen-Albert and Robert Albert
DaCarla Albright
Jess and Heidi Anderson
Antonio and Georgine Atacan
Robin Bass
Grey and Kevin Berkoff
Robert Cope and Lela Betts
Kimberly Thompson-Birnie and William Birnie
Lesley Bonney
John and Carrie Boxer
Michael Bradby
Dawn Bradby
Michael and Erica Brooks
Deborah and Damon Leedale-Brown
Heather and Scott Brucker
Kimberly and James Callahan
Karen and Neil Campbell
Michael Cohen
Denise Friedland Conklin and
Matt Conklin
David and Carolynn Connolly
Helen and Kevin Coupas
Sean and Nina Loeb Cullen
Stacy Cullen
Helene and William Cullen
Brian and Heather Curci
Michelle and Len Dolce
Chyke and Anna Doubeni
Andrew and Megan Duffy
David Rode and Lisa Dykstra
Jeanne and J. Wilson Felter
James Fitzgerald IV
Matthew Gantz
Marie Gantz
Michael Garson
Elisabeth Garson
Kristina and Kenneth Gold
Hope Goldberger
Carol Ann Gross-Davis and Hugh Davis
Linda and Edward Guarnaccia
Tiffany Harlan de Leiva and Guillermo Leiva
Jennifer and Sean Handler
David and Robin Healy
Heidi Heller
Greg Heller
Joseph Shemtov and Sharon Hill
Nicole Naumoff-Hodgson and
Craig Hodgson
Darryl Brooks and Erica Howard
Jeannine Juskalian
Zakia Kane
Sharon and Joseph Kestenbaum
Susan Maloney-Kopf
John and Amiee Koslosky
Yolanda and Anthony Lanfranco
Heather and Travis Larrabee
Rachele Loffer
Frank and Rebecca Luzi
Jill and Timothy Lynch 
Margaret and Patrick Maley
Mary and Harry Malitas
James and Allison Mangan
Gregory and Nicole Martz
Mark and Lisa McCafferty
Samantha Corson and
Andrew McKnight
Tracy and Bernard McLafferty Jr.
Nicole and Paul Melchiorre
Bridget and John Michener
Angela Micking
Rebecca and Paul Montini
Sara and Michael Moses
Alexis and Kenneth Murray
Michael Nadol
Anne Nadol
Paula and John Patton
Mike and Lysa Puma  
Danielle and Robert Rahn
Shawana and Anthony Rivers
Laurie and Robert Rosania
Margaret Lockwood and William Ross III
Mary and Generoso Rullo III
Anthony and Erica Salvi
Kesho Savoy
Jacqueline Mason-Scott and John Scott
Tami Seymour and Tim Singer
Laurie Williamson Solomon and Scott Solomon
John and Nina Stanley
Jason and Ashley Stearn
Nicole and Spencer Tullo
Cynthia and Larry Turner
Miriam and Shawn Wamsley
Jennifer and Glenn Weiner
Ardath and Joshua Weiss
Betty Widamen
Antonio Williams