Senior Parent Gift

Senior Time Capsule: Sharing Favorite PC Experiences

Senior Time Capsule: Seniors share their favorite PC memories

Senior Time Capsule: Short Version of Seniors' Favorite Teachers


The Senior Parent Gift supports professional development for Penn Charter teachers. Prior graduating classes have supported this effort, ensuring that our children had excellent teachers dedicated to teaching in innovative, exciting and effective ways. 

The gift supports current and future PC students — some of them our own younger children! — and continues the tradition of outstanding teaching and learning at the school.

Senior Parent Gift Committee

Heather Baum P '23, '27 (Dabney)
Mark Butler OPC '97, P '23 (Mark)
Denelle Drake P '23 (Emerson)
PJ Maley OPC '89, P '19, '22, '23, '25 (Anna)
Ann Summers P '23, '26 (Olivia)
Theresa Zulick P '21, '23, 26 (Oliver)

six members of the senior parent gift committee for the class of 2023

Penn Charter understands the vital importance of adaptability and dexterity, and we encourage our faculty to teach for the future: to embrace creativity, collaboration, global partnerships, innovative curriculum, and technologies — all to prepare our graduates for tomorrow.

We attract and retain exemplary educators by offering competitive salary support and professional development opportunities to ensure the growth of great teachers. Ultimately, every investment Penn Charter makes in our teachers pays dividends to our students in the form of updated experiences, projects, and approaches.

Want to learn more? 

If you have questions or want to learn how you can be part of the Senior Parent Gift, contact Lauren Stabert, Director of Parent Engagement, via email, or at 215-844-3460 ext. 276. 

Ms. Noone is an exceptional teacher, mentor and advocate for students interested in the arts. Her commitment to her students is evident in her availability in helping our son design his resume and create his portfolio. Additionally, she guided him to submit a film he made to several film competitions in which he won three awards!Senior Parent
Ms. Flemming has been very helpful outside of math class. She offers extra problems and support when needed.Senior Parent

Valuing Innovative Teaching and Learning (VITAL)

One example of support for faculty that the Senior Parent Gift provides is Penn Charter's VITAL summer grant program, an exciting new model for faculty summer work. VITAL provides teachers with time and resources for research and collaboration that result in innovative curriculum.

As an example, this video highlights the work of our Teaching & Learning Center to inspire and connect teachers to each other and to new resources, leading to renewed consideration of our teaching methods and ways to improve student learning in the classroom. 

Thank you for supporting our teachers and their professional development!

Mr. Ford has fostered a love of music in my daughter.  He has encouraged her to go out of her comfort zone and try new things … instruments that are beyond what she thought she could play.  He has taken the time to work with her on learning these instruments so she feels confident when it comes time to play them in the winter and spring shows. Senior Parent


Make a Gift Online

Make a Gift

Celebrate your senior, support professional development for faculty and staff, and show your appreciation for Penn Charter faculty!

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Thank You, Senior Parents!

Gifts & pledges received as of


Tatiana Bacchus
Leslie and Jonathan Bari OPC '85
Renay and Howard Bernstein
Kenyatta and Nicole Black
Paul Brady and Donna Capozzi
David C. and Carolyn Brightbill
Nicole and Mark Butler OPC '87
Kim and Sam Cohen
David and JoAnn Comitale
Aurora and Christopherson Dacanay
Kristen and James Doran
Dennis and Lisa Fattore
John and Franny Glomb
Ashley Donahue and Matthew Hoffman
Meghan Huber
Christie Irvin
Marie and John Joyce
Heather and David Kay
Thomasina Kweku-Kennedy and David Kennedy
Wick and Mary Kraemer
Susanne and Gavin Lentz
Crystal Lucas
Kevin and Mary Jane McCain
Patrick McDonough OPC '90
Janet Audrain-McGovern and Paul McGovern
Valerie and Daniel McIntyre
Shannon and Brian McMahon OPC '94
Marco Paredes Jr. and Jill Seidman
Robin and David Parke
Brett M. Pinto
Susan A. Pinto
Susan Doering and John Riley
Kiesha Rodney
Laurie and Bob Rosania OPC '82
Mary M. and Generoso Rullo III OPC '88
Christopher and Lisa Schumm
Katie and Rick Shinholster
Rachel and David Shipon OPC '88
Shawn Flynn and Rita R. Simonds
DeVonne and Gerald Snead
Ann and Greg Summers OPC '87
Gerard and Jody Sweeney
Lauren and Robert Toomey
Rosana and Juan Tovar
Susan and Scott Trevisan
Shaney and Nicholas Walter
Kathryn and Ken Zoldan
Theresa and Jon Zulick


Sharita Barnett
Heather and Kevin Baum
Kaleo Bird and Tu Huynh
Sarah and David Black
Martin and Jennifer Bretschneider
Maria Duque-Buckley and Stephen Buckley
Lori and Matthew Bucksar
David Caddick
Jennifer and Timothy Clarke
Janine and Kevin Cockerham
Samantha and Thomas Coyle
Gwendolyn Davis
Jim DelBello
Todd and Denelle Drake
Kathleen and Ryan Egan
Colleen and Timothy Ford
Amy and William Gadsden
Aprel and Keith Gee
Kristina and Brian Gilbert
Omar Harvey
D. Holden OPC '81 and Betsy Hummel
Casey Jones
Gina Jones
Amy Kemner
Jason Kemner
Noreen and Chester Kempinski
Heather and Daniel Killinger OPC '88
Joseph La Barge and Kristyn Vandegrift La Barge
Stefanie Langer and Jeffrey Dittus
Molly and Gustav Langford
Margaret and PJ Maley OPC '86
Rachel and Neil Malhotra
Renee Simpler and Michael O'Gallagher
Beth Packel and Benjamin Long
Syed Raza and Suzanne Brown
Michelle and James Sage
Sinem and Yusuf Sahingur
Kristin and David Shoup
Catherine and Frank Signorello
Philip Stevens and Dana Truby
Howard Stevenson
Kimya Sulayman
Jennifer and Joseph Trautwein
Clarence Watson Jr.
Jonathan Weinstein
Julie and Jason Whitney


Contact Lauren Stabert, Director of Parent Engagement, via email, or at 215-844-3460 ext. 276. 

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By the light of our charter

We See:

  • A school committed to continuous faculty development
  • Educators empowered to create and reflect on fresh methods
  • Students inspired by engaging, enlivening, ever-evolving teachers
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How much farther can the light of inspired teaching shine?

Our commitment:

  • Makes possible hundreds of visits each year to our Teaching & Learning Center, a new model for professional development
  • Supports dozens of faculty-led pedagogy workshops and talks every semester
  • Provides funding for teachers who want to learn more, both at conferences and in classes