Senior Parent Gift

The Senior Parent Gift supports professional development for faculty and staff. Because of the generosity of our parents, teachers continue to learn and to improve their professional practice — and then incorporate new ideas and methods into the PC curriculum.


In the fourth time capsule video in the series, seniors share their favorite PC traditions.

Watch prior videos in the series.


With the Senior Parent Gift now topping $72,000, we are getting close to our goal of $100,000 and 100 percent participation.

orange donut chart that has 72% dark orange, with remaning light orange. Progress to $100,000 goal.
Green donut chart 58% complete in dark green with remaining in light green. Progress to 100% participation.

To further the Class of 2021's impact on PC's future, we will honor this unique class with a bench to mark the first ever Outdoor Senior Lounge.


blue ring is closed with 100% in middle. $30,0000 match complete!

Matching Success! 

Thanks to the generosity of many senior parents, you have met the matching challenge set out by the Senior Parent Gift Committee! Thank you, families! 


Make a Gift Online

Make a Gift

Celebrate your senior, support professional development for faculty and staff, and show your appreciation for Penn Charter faculty!

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Meet the Committee

Maxine Comisky
Franny Glomb
John Glomb
Lisa Kolakowsky Smith
Pedro Rodriguez
Craig Schwartz
Aimi Will
Karen Yancey Lucero
Theresa Zulick



Contact Nicole Martz, Assistant Director of Development via email, or phone, 215-844-3460 ext. 265.


Senior Parent Donors


Jeremy and Rachel A. Bach
Joseph Batchelor
Kenneth and Dawn Bergmann
Nigel and Eva Black
Helen Booth and Jennifer Goldberg
Michael and Amy Boyes
Paul Brady and Donna Capozzi
Lesley Buck
Chuck and Stephanie Calvanese
Matthew J. and Maxine L. Comisky
Carol Cowhey
Gregory Cowhe
Thomas and Samantha Coyle
Mechiel and Hey du Toit
Jonathan and Rachel Dyer OPC ’92
Roy and Debra M. Edmonds
John Ehinger and Jane Bonenberger
J. Wilson and Jeanne Felter
Matthew and Lisa Fradin
Robert W. Frieman OPC ’87 and Monica Freely
Michael and Jennifer Gerstein
John and Franny Glomb
April Gree
Uhuru A. Hamiter and Lisa M. Blyden-Hamiter
Michael and Doria Hartman
Michael and Christine Hnatkowsky
Stephen and Denice M. Joyce
Dirk Krueger and Danila Oldani
Paul and Barbara Kubach
George and Crystal Kuehnle
Joseph La Barge and Kristyn Vandegrift La Barge
Gustav M. and Molly Langford
Henry and Michelle Lewandowski
Peter Lubowitz OPC ’84 and Marsha Cohen
Carlos M. Lucero and Karen Yancey Lucero
Doug Lynch and Neri de Kramer-Lynch
Joe and Leigh Anne Maione
Neel and Shannon M. Makhija
Baptista Marrow
Paul McGovern and Janet Audrain-McGovern
Brian A. OPC ’94 and Shannon McMahon
Kenneth A. OPC ’82 and Sybil Murphy
George Needham and Andrea Cybularz-Needham
John F. and Eva Kay Noone
Christopher and Kristen Palazzo
Albert and Melissa Parker
Rocco and Anne Perry
Ricardo and Gwo-Hwa Proenca
Kevin and Amy Raphael
Pedro Rodriguez and Pamela Walz
James and Michelle Sage
Donna Schnupp
Craig Schwartz
Alyson Schwartz
Kiernan and Lynn Seth
Ralph A. and Kristen M. Siani
Jason Smith and Lisa Kolakowsky Smith
Jeffrey V. OPC ’89 and Katherine E. Springer
Eric Stamps
Nicole L. Stamps
Wynton and Joy Stewart
Neil B. OPC ’89 and Lee V. Tanner
James H. Timberlake and Marguerite V. Rodgers
Robert and Jennifer Tompkins
Michael and Meredith Turner
Gregory and Patricia Veith
Steven Wade and Martha Millison
Joseph Whitehead and Hilary S. Cornell
Daniel and Aimi Will
Derek and Tracy Wood
Daniel and Kelly Wreat
PJ and Erin Yeatman
Jon and Theresa Zulick
Tim and Marie Zwall

Updated as of 4/28/21