2022 Time Capsule Video Episodes

Seniors are sharing what they love most about Penn Charter, what they are grateful for, and their fondest memories in this time capsule video series. More to come throughout the year!

Episode SIX - Part 1

In the days leading up to Color Day, four seniors explain why the day is so meaningful to them.

Episode FIVE

A few seniors share what they will miss most when they graduate from Penn Charter in just a few short weeks. 

Episode FOUR

Several seniors share their favorite memories from their time at PC. 

Episode Three - Part 2

More seniors share what it is about their favorite teachers that make every day in class a great day. 

Episode Three - Part 1

Teachers impact student lives more than they sometimes let on. Hear from a few seniors about which teachers they really appreciate. 

Episode Two

A special edition of the Wednesday Weekly just for senior parents!

Students provide a peek into student life on campus and look forward to when parents are welcome back again - soon! 

Episode One

Six seniors from the Class of 2022 share what they will miss most when they leave this friendly place in June. 

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