Photos from the Dinner

Parent Party

Wishes for the Class of 2022

A senior year that is fun before you launch into the world as OPCs.

To find peace, love and success within yourself.

To be brave enough to be bad at something new. 

To always keep your passion for life, ability to laugh and joy in community. 

To seize the opportunity to create meaningful memories with your classmates and teachers. 

Senior Team-Building & Wishes

Seniors were challenged to find a balloon with their name. About 15 students found their balloon, but most seniors could not find their own and were asked to pick up any balloon and give it to the person whose name appeared on it. Teacher Sharon then shared, "These balloons represent joy. We will never find joy if everyone is looking for it on their own, but if we stop for a second and if we care about people's happiness and joy around us, we will also find our own joy." She continued, "We know this year and this time is challenging. It's important for you to know that you have the care of Penn Charter — the care of your friends, faculty, mentors, coaches, staff — you have it all. It's most important that you care for yourself and you care for each other." Nicole Martz then presented the class withs senior parent wish bags and reminded them that they also have the care of their parents, and all senior parents, who are here cheering them on through this stressful time.

What Is the Senior Parent Gift? 

The Senior Parent Gift supports professional development for faculty and staff at Penn Charter, honoring the teachers who did so much for our children.

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Black and white photograph of Joy Lai taken by Ashley Smith
White male in a suit w arms crossed smiles at camera. LOVE statue in background
Black man in a gray suit and black shirt smiles at camera for professional headshot