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Thank you, Penn Charter! 
We are still tallying all the gifts, but we know that because of your support we raised more than $525,000 for Penn Charter on Great Day to Be a Quaker! 

  • More than 515 donors made a gift on March 15, winning the $25,000 challenge gift celebrating remarkable participation in just one day.
  • More than 50 parents of new students made a gift, securing a $50,000 gift from an OPC challenger who issued the call to these parents. 

The Blue team earned another win in the Blue-Yellow Challenge, surpassing the Yellow team by more than 30 donors. 

But the standout winner is Penn Charter! 

Your support of excellence at Penn Charter helps us keep the future in focus for our current students, and for generations to come. 

Revisit the day on this blog, on Twitter and Flickr.

West Coast and Mountain States OPCs and friends, we're relying on you to bring this home! If you're just tuning in to the Great Day blog, be sure to scroll back through posts for photos, videos and the Athletic Honor Society news!

Though there are still a few hours left in Great Day to Be a Quaker, this is our last update to the giving numbers and the Blue/Yellow Challenge. Thank you to all who have given today! If you haven't yet, there is still time to make a gift.

It was a blast seeing so many of you at the OPC Regional Receptions in Seattle and San Francisco. Enjoy photos of those events on Flickr, and browse upcoming events

11 people posing for the camera at the OPC Reception in Seattle
Four late 20s Penn Charter graduates smiling at the camera while at the OPC Reception in San Francisco


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Alumni Director Chris Rahill OPC '99 traversed Philadelphia -including campus- on a Great Day to Be a Quaker #RahillOnTheRoad entirely focused on the Athletic Honor Society. 

Rahill surprised OPC inductees and had coaches film announcements about the teams that were inducted by the Alumni Society the week before. 

Enjoy this playlist of the video announcement and see the full list, below. The ceremony will be held on the Friday before PC/GA Day. 

2019 Athletic Honor Society

Abe Dunmeyer OPC '87

James Killinger OPC '91

Katherine Miller McCoy OPC '96

Margaretha Ehret OPC '05

Marie McKenna OPC '05

Zach Zeglinski OPC '05

Joe Sankey OPC '11

1991-92 Boys Swimming 

1995 Boys Track Team

2001 Boys Water Polo Team

2003 Field Hockey Team

2008 Boys Squash Team


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