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Penn Charter is so near to the completion of the How Far? campaign, and the school's exciting future is so clear. 

Thanks to the commitment and philanthropic spirit of so many, we have raised $118 million on our goal of $125 million.

Members of the PC community who want to join this impactful and historic campaign are stepping forward now to make their best gift to Penn Charter.

How will you meet this moment?

PC was very generous to us, and for Julia, it was the perfect school. How do you repay that? As best you can.

 greg veith P '21 OPC Parent
High school senior holding water polo ball stands with his parents outside

We made our best gift because PC has been an invaluable part of the growth and development of our three kids and we are grateful.

—Neeta and Pallav Mehta P '22, '27

Penn Charter fostered my love of learning through incredible teachers, invaluable experiences and a shared desire for greatness. That is why I made my best gift this year, my 20th Reunion year!

Rachel D. trobman oPc '02

We gave our best gift to PC this year because we have been so grateful and appreciative of how PC responded to covid and provided in-person learning for our kids during the pandemic. PC is teaching our kids how to be excellent students, good community members, and well-rounded and kind individuals. 

—Richard and Pam Vail P '27, '29

Having an older sibling graduate from PC, my parents instilled the value of Penn Charter’s community, honoring Quaker values of inclusivity and support. I started giving my best gift when finishing at PC and never miss a year. Giving provides an opportunity to reflect on devoted teachers and the PC community. Annual giving is a way to remember the ‘good instruction’ we received and PC’s lifelong impact of community support. — Lisa Slowik OPC '94

Brown Family

We chose to increase our giving this year to support the new Lower School. The capital campaign has done so much to transform the campus, and we are excited to help Penn Charter get closer to completing their goal. — Drew and Susanna Brown P ’29, ‘33

“We have always felt that giving to Penn Charter in any capacity is an integral component of being a member of the larger community.  When individuals come together for any cause, notably the education, resources, instruction and opportunities that are provided to children, it will strengthen the community as a whole.” — Jyoti Sharma and Nithin Adappa P '30, '33

EITC giving allowed me to give a lot more than I otherwise could.Scott OPC '80

“Even as our school grows and evolves, I am gratified to know the quality of a Penn Charter education has not changed. Seeing that my old school continues to provide this amazing student experience inspired me to make a special gift in honor of my reunion. — Jim and Leslie Lemonick OPC '76

I give to PC because PC gave so much to me. One of the reasons I became a teacher was that I could hopefully provide to others the type of excellent education provided to me by my teachers at PC.OPC '94

As a new family to PC during Covid, we were so grateful that Xavier immediately felt at home and valued by his classmates and his teachers. Increasing our annual fund gift this year was one way to show our appreciation!  Sean Vereen and Beth Hagovsky P ’28

Given all that we receive, we want to contribute as best we can.  Heze and Leashia Lewis P ’34

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We made our best gift because despite a trying two years for all of us, and especially our children, Ben and I are grateful Ramzi was in an environment where he was protected, but still thrived emotionally, socially, academically and physically. We don't take this for granted. Thank you, Penn Charter, and especially all  the dedicated staff and faculty who got us through these two years.  — Ben Wilkins and Reshma Rangwala P '28

We made our best gift to the Grace Fund because it is something that is meaningful to our family.
Nicole melchiorre P '24, '22 Upper School Parent
As a new staff member, I am rejuvenated by the exemplary work of PC teachers in educating our students. In addition to my daily tasks, I am happy to contribute to this impactful work with my first gift to the Annual Fund.Phil telanPenn Charter Staff

“Joining this community has been a joyful experience. Our daughters have felt so welcomed. They adore their teachers and love going to school. Making our first gift expresses how happy we are to be a Penn Charter family." — Maria and Casey Halpern P '31, '32

Penn Charter's campus looking west during autumn. Trees are ablaze with color

“Penn Charter's response to the pandemic has been remarkable. Penn Charter has considered, and cared for, the students' physical safety, educational progress, emotional health and social well-being. This response is what inspired us to make  our best gift to Penn Charter this year." — Allison and Andy Davenport P '27, '30

“No matter the size, every gift matters, and it’s easy to see the impact of giving everywhere you look on campus. We are lucky to send our son to PC. We chose to increase our contribution this year to give back to an exceptional school.” — Christine and Curt Hoff P '25

A family with young children crowds close together and smiles for camera

Supporting Penn Charter with our best gift is one way we demonstrate our gratitude to the place that is preparing our kids for life beyond its boundaries. — Nadya and Lynn Popil P ’32, '35

A family with young children stand together at the beach

The Penn Charter community has been warm, welcoming and giving since Day One. From fellow parents, to students, to teachers, it was apparent right away what makes this school so special. We look forward to experiencing more of this wonderful community for years to come and are inspired to support Penn Charter any way we can— Ryan and Radhika Cobb P ’34, ‘36

Mike and I made a leadership gift to Penn Charter this year to honor all of Ava’s amazing teachers. They are teachers who really know their students and guide and support them to become their best selves. 

Sara Moses P '22 Upper School Parent
I could not think of a better school for my children to spend their formative years. The teachers and environment had an extremely positive impact on their development. Georgine & Antonio atacan Senior Parents
Woman in black glasses, dress and lipstick smiles at camera

Penn Charter changed my life, and I am grateful to have had access to an education and community that shaped me. It is a great pleasure to pay it forward, particularly supporting the Grace Fund. Setting up monthly giving has allowed me to reimagine my annual impact and has helped me to make my best gift. — Sue Brennan OPC '04

“I owe so much to Penn Charter. My gratitude for the gift of this education, which my parents gave me—combined with the immense pride of seeing my nephew take his own PC journey—motivated me to become a leadership donor to give that gift to someone else.” — Lauren Piafsky OPC '01

Penn Charter is about everybody being a part of it.
soozung Rankin P '27  Lower School Parent

“By increasing our annual giving to the leadership level for the Senior Parent Gift, we made our best gift ever. In our son’s last year at Penn Charter, we want to honor the teachers’ commitment to student education and community.” — Darryl and Erica Brooks P '22

I think it is important to give back to the people and the places that have really made an impact on your life. That's what I want to do.william a. Graham IV opc '58Lead Donor to the How Far? Campaign
What is your inspiration for your best gift? YouPC Community Member
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Contact Nicole Martz, assistant director of development, to have a conversation about strategies to expand the amount and impact of your best gift ever to Penn Charter.