Generous PC parents have stepped forward to pledge $500,000 in a challenge match to this year's How Far? parent campaign.

What does this mean?

It means if we can reach 500 new parent gifts this academic year, we will earn $500,000. In this match, each gift is equal and each gift gets us closer to unlocking the $500,000.

With a $500,000 incentive, we are confident PC parents can push forward to 500 gifts. We're inspired!

How can you step into the Parent Circle?

If you have questions about this campaign, reach out to members of the 2019-2010 Parent Campaign Committee; their names are listed below and their contact information is available in the password-protected PC Hub and in printed PC Community Directory. And/or contact Nicole Martz, director of engagement and development operations: or 215.844.3460 ext. 265.

Make a gift now by clicking the online giving form, below. Gifts to the Annual Fund and/or the How Far? campaign count toward the goal of 500 new gifts in this academic year.

Tell us your WHY. We know what our WHY is. What’s yours? Take a moment to reflect about your family's experience and share, below.

2019-2020 Parent Campaign Committee

Brigitte Addimando P ’28, ’29, ’33
Barbara Anne Davey P ’24, ’25
Erin Graham P ’25
Donna Perkins P ’25, ’26
Greg Summers OPC ’89, P ’23, ’26
Luke Urban OPC ’98, P ’30, ’32


Parents say why ...

“It always comes back to the Quaker values.”

"I chose Penn Charter because it is a campus school deeply connected to and of the city."

“I do it for the love.”

"I do it for the friendships and the community."