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What is the Parent Circle?

The Parent Circle is a community of parents who have made a gift of financial support to Penn Charter. Any gift this year from a current family, to any fund at Penn Charter, makes you part of the Parent Circle. This includes gifts to the Annual Fund, the Grace Fund, the Senior Parent Gift, financial aid, faculty professional development and the campus transformation — all of which are included in the How Far? capital campaign. 


Parent Campaign Challenge: $500,000 for 500

Generous Penn Charter parents have stepped forward with a $500,000 challenge. If 500 current families make gifts this academic year, we will meet the challenge and earn the $500,000. In this challenge, each gift is equal, and each gift gets us closer to unlocking the $500,000. 

How can you step into the Parent Circle?

Make a gift now by clicking the online giving form, or with the button below. Any gift to any fund counts toward the goal of 500 gifts from current parents in this academic year. 

Tell us your WHY. We know what our WHY is. What’s yours? Take a moment to reflect about your family's experience and share, below.

Ask us your questions. If you have questions about the 2019-2020 Parent Campaign, reach out to a member of the campaign committee. The names of the members are listed below and their contact information is available in the password-protected PC Hub and the printed PC Community Directory. And/or contact Nicole Martz, director of engagement and development operations: or 215.844.3460 ext. 265.


2019-2020 Parent Campaign Committee

Brigitte Addimando P ’28, ’29, ’33
Barbara Anne Davey P ’24, ’25
Erin Graham P ’25
Donna Perkins P ’25, ’26
Greg Summers OPC ’89, P ’23, ’26
Luke Urban OPC ’98, P ’30, ’32



Thank You, Parents! 



Anonymous (4)
Leo and Brigitte Addimando 
Robert W. Albert and Karen A. Steffen-Albert 
DaCarla Albright
James and Jane Allsopp
Jess and Heidi Anderson
Sterling and Amy Baker 
Roger and Dana Band
Brendan J. Benzing OPC '87 and Cynthia Harvey-Benzing 
Grey and Kevin Berkoff
William Birnie and Kimberly Thompson-Birnie
David and Sarah Black
John H. Blankin OPC '73
Stacey Blankin
Leslie and Paula Bowe
Frank Bowen and Victoria Myers
William and Stephanie Boyes
David C. and Carolyn Brightbill
Darryl Brooks and Erica Howard
Drew and Susanna Brown
Jennifer Brown Baer
Michael Brown and Chrissy Tsirikos
James W. Buehler and Lydia L. Ogden
Steven Burnite and Lisa Panepinto
Neil and Karen Campbell
Joseph and Stacy Cannon 
E. Gilbert and Fintje Carpenter 
Eddie Chang and Catherine Kim
Peter and Lisa Ciarrocchi
Kipp B. and Rachel R. Cohen
Matthew J. and Maxine L. Comisky
David and Carolynn Connolly 
Kevin M. and Amy Covert
Carol Cowhey
Thomas and Samantha Coyle
Peter and Jeanine Davis
Sam and Barbara Anne Davey
Peter DeCarlo and Mitra Taheri
Jim DelBello and Meredith Ruble
Jeffrey and Abby DeYoung
Roy and Debra M. Edmonds
Ryan and Kathleen Egan
Daniel and Susanna Evans
J. Wilson and Jeanne Felter
James J. Fitzgerald OPC '87
Peter and Mimi Fleming
Elizabeth A. Flemming
Darryl J. Ford Hon. 1689 and Gail Sullivan Ford 
Eric and Julie Furda 
Matthew Gantz 
John and Franny Glomb 
Kenneth and Kristina R. Gold
Cynthia Gossett and Veronica Tom
Murat and Dilek Gungor 
H. Bernard and Naté Hall 
Uhuru A. Hamiter and Lisa M. Blyden-Hamiter
Sean and Jennifer Handler
Asim Haque and Huma Ansari 
Jeffrey T. Harbison OPC '76 and Valerie A. Arkoosh  
Michael and Doria Hartman
Shawn and Carrie Hatty
Michael and Christine Hnatkowsky 
Aaron James and Michelle Scott 
David M. OPC '86 and Jodi Jaspan
Kenneth and Yatora Johnson 
Ben W. OPC '88 and Meredith J. Jones
Douglas L. and Katherine Jordan 
David and Heather Kay
David Kennedy and Thomasina Kweku-Kennedy 
Frank and Gabriela Kenny
James Klales and Margaret Lea 
Christopher and Jessica Kohles
Jason Krasno
Maria Lerner and Len Polichuk 
J. R. Lewis and Elie-Anne Chevrier Lewis 
Chesley Lightsey and Sherri Hamilton 
Dennis Lin and Linh Tran
Vincent and Theresa C. Linus
Peter Lubowitz OPC '84 and Marsha Cohen 
Timothy M. Hon. 1689 and Jill D. Lynch 
John F. Maher and Allison P. Wilson-Maher 
Patrick J. OPC '86 and Margaret Maley 
Neil and Rachel Malhotra
Harry and Mary Malitas
Aida Mancini
Vincent Mancini





James and Allison Mangan 
Gregory and Nicole Martz  
Joseph and Leigh McFadden
Susa M. OPC '00 and Samuel McFall
Paul McGovern and Janet Audrain-McGovern
Harold Brubaker and Deborah McIlvaine 
Bryan and Erica McKernan
Pallav and Neeta Mehta
Patrice Melnick
Charles J. OPC '00 and Barrie G. Mittica
David and Cynthia Mondgock 
Drew A. OPC '93 and Nicole S. Morris
Michael T. Moulton 
Kenneth C. OPC '89 and Alexis Murray
Anne Nadol
Michael Nadol 
Andrew and Jennifer Newcomb
Diona C. Nicolucci
John F. and Eva Kay Noone
Noah and Ashley Ostroff 
Pirouz Parang and Mitra Dadmarz 
Doramarie C. Parra 
Margaux G. OPC '99 and Kevin T. Pelegrin
Bret and Donna Perkins
Brett M. and Susan A. Pinto
Christopher and Heather Plastaras 
Fredrick and Kathryn Plaza 
Philip and Holly K. Price 
Trevor P. and Lorella R. Prichett
Michael and Lysa Puma
Aliza B. OPC '94 and Aaron Rabinowitz 
Raymond and Susan J. Ragland 
Jason and Suzanne Reisman 
Nigel T. Richards OPC '88 and Nicole Cashman
Mary M. Rincon 
Robert L. OPC '82 and Laurie A. Rosania
Eric Rosenwinkel 
Brett Rubinson
Nathaniel Rupp and Hannah K. Jacoby-Rupp 
Vincent Sacchetti and Ruby Chandy
Anthony and Erica Salvi
Richard Sax and Leslie Gomez 
Brett and Jennifer Schulman
Michael Scott and Allison Beardall 
Paula Seitchik
Brian W. and Julie Y. Shaffer
Marc and Rachel Shaw 
Michael P. Sheward and Alice O'Connor 
Rick and Katie Shinholster
Jason Smith and Lisa Kolakowsky Smith 
Gregory and Jennifer Sokoloff
Oscar and Marceline Sosa
Jeffrey V. OPC '89 and Katherine E. Springer 
Jeffrey and Bonnie Stevens
James and Karen Suevo 
Gregory E. OPC '89 and Ann Summers
Robert J. and Kerry Sweeney 
Gregory and Sarah Tasian 
Preston Thomas and Lisa Turner
Gerad and Lori Thorell 
Douglas J. and Judith F. Tindall 
David Toub and Debra Bernstein
Joseph and Jennifer Trautwein
Luke J. OPC '98 and Lauren Urban
Richard and Pamela Vail
Gregory and Patricia Veith 
Gregory and Julie Vernick
Webster U. OPC '87 and Lisa Walker
Brian M. OPC '95 and Stephanie T. Walters OPC '95 
Joshua and Ardath Weiss
Joseph Whitehead and Hilary S. Cornell
Jason and Julie Whitney 
Betty Widamen 
Bernard Williams and Erin Randolph-Williams
Keith and Pauline Williams
Christopher and Blanca Womack
Derek and Tracy Wood
Andy and Margaret Zuccotti
Jon and Theresa Zulick

Updated as of 2/24/20.


Parents say why ...

“It always comes back to the Quaker values.”

"I chose Penn Charter because it is a campus school deeply connected to and of the city."