Step Into the Family Circle

What is the Family Circle?

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Everything you see and experience at Penn Charter is made possible by the philanthropic support of current parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, OPCs and faculty and staff.  Parent giving at PC supports a critical piece of our operating budget each year, touching every aspect of the student experience—from faculty professional development to supplies for the classroom, and so much more.

The Family Circle is a community of parents and caregivers who make annual gifts of financial support to Penn Charter.

Any gift this year from a current family makes you part of the Family Circle. Our collective support ensures the continued excellence of a Penn Charter education and demonstrates our commitment to our school, our faculty, and our children.

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Family Circle Committee! 

The Family Circle Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who partner with Penn Charter’s development office to help build community and strengthen the culture of family giving at PC. Please feel free to reach out to any committee members with questions or to learn more about how you can get involved! You can also contact Lauren Stabert P '35, Director of Parent Engagement, at or 215-844-3460 x 276. 

Kimberly Lewinski P ‘24, ‘26
Erin Johansen P ‘25
Heather Frattone P ‘27
Cerys St. John Richter P ‘27
Allison Davenport P ‘27, ‘30
Jyoti Sharma P ‘30, ‘33
Melissa Grimm P ‘32
Mamie Doyle Mannella P ‘33
Asim Z. Haque P ‘34, '36
Hezekiah and Leashia Lewis P ‘34
Karly Berman P ‘35

How can you step into the Family Circle?

Make a gift now by clicking the online giving form, or with the button below. Any gift to any fund counts toward the goal of gifts from current parents in this academic year.

Penn Charter isn't just a school, it's a community of families. 

Everything you see on campus is made possible by philanthropic support to the school across generations from current parents, past parents, OPCs and faculty and staff. Your gift today makes a difference now, and into the future.

Thank You for Stepping Into the Family Circle!

Anonymous (4)
Matthew and Alison Abernethy
Marcus Adams and Natalie Valentine-Adams
Jyoti Sharma and Nithin Adappa
Brigitte and Leo Addimando
Rosa Agliata
Vanessa Carlo and Omar Agosto
Kristen and Joshua Aguirre
Drew and Tanya Aldinger
Adrian Ecker and Marianna Allen
Jane and James Allsopp
Benjamin and Laura Archer
Heather Levine and Andrew Arnold
Antonio and Georgine Atacan
Brock and Melissa T. Atkins OPC '01
Jennifer Baer
Justin and Ariel Baker
Leslie and Jonathan H. Bari OPC '85
Natasha Robinson-Barr and Bryan Barr
Maria Chen and Craig Bassing
Heather and Kevin Baum
Kathryn and Lars Beck
Brendan J. Benzing OPC '87 and Cynthia Harvey-Benzing
Lee and Karly Berman
Renay and Howard Bernstein
Blair Biggs
Kenyatta and Nicole Black
Sarah and David Black
James Bolden and Nicolette Burgess-Bolden
Jon and Jennifer Borish
Stephanie and Vincent Bourne
Victoria Myers and Frank Bowen
Kevin and Abigail Boylan
Paul Brady and Donna Capozzi
James and Emily P. Brennan
Martin and Jennifer Bretschneider
David C. and Carolyn Brightbill
Michael and Erica Brooks
Jill Brotman and Ryan Conner
Drew and Susanna Brown
Lamont and Amanda Brown
Syed Raza and Suzanne Brown
Heather and Scott Brucker
Maria F. Duque-Buckley and Stephen Buckley
Lori and Matthew Bucksar
David and Danielle Burkavage
Nicole and Mark L. Butler OPC '87
Fintje and E. Gilbert Carpenter
Andrea and Faris V. Carter
Michelle OPC '00 and Stephen Chaitt
Eddie Chang and Catherine Kim
David and Anne Choate
Jennifer and Timothy Clarke
John A. Clauss and Christa Wallace
Ryan and Radhika Cobb
Janine and Kevin Cockerham
Kim and Sam Cohen
Marilia Rodrigues and Jason Cole
Kimberly and Matthew Comey
David and JoAnn Comitale
Kevin and Jenna Conrad
Seth Coombs and Yvette Smetana
Joseph A. Cordaro and Suzanne O'Brien
Thomas and Marilyn Cotton
Amy and Kevin M. Covert
Ansley Cox and Sidney Gantt
Samantha and Thomas Coyle
Craig R. OPC '88 and Jennifer B. Cubbin
Kevin and Larae Cunningham
Greg and Chrissy Curci
Edward and Sigrid DaVeiga
Andrew and Allison M. Davenport
Barbara Anne and Sam Davey
Gwendolyn Davis
Jeanine and Peter Davis
Jim DelBello
Jeffrey and Kimberly DeLisi
Samantha and Salvatore DeRose
Michelle and Carlos Diaz
Jeffrey Dittus and Stefanie Langer
Eric Dolaway and Amanda Muir
Ashley Donahue and Matthew Hoffman
Andrew Donaldson-Evans and Kristin Starkey
Kristen and James Doran
Todd and Denelle Drake
Megan A. OPC '93 and Andrew Duffy OPC '94
Jeanine Dunmore
Michael H. Sheer and Sonia Duprez
Christopher and Monique B. Durso
Jonathan and Rachel Dyer OPC '92
Sarah and Benjamin B. Dziedzic
Lauren and Joel Eckel
Kathleen and Ryan Egan
Megan Evans OPC '95 and Kim-An Hernandez
Shelley and Damian Evans
Phyllis B. and John Fabbi OPC '84
Dennis and Lisa Fattore
Eric and Stephanie Feldman
Jeanne and J. Wilson Felter
Teodora Nedialkova and James B. Fiorile
Patrick and Shannon FitzGerald
Vanessa Durand and Joseph C. Flores Jr. OPC '01
Shawn Flynn and Rita R. Simonds
Brad and Rebecca Ford
Colleen and Timothy Ford
Henry Ford and Roseanne Durril
Pooneh Alborzi and Matthew Foroughi
Michael and Heather Frattone
Peter and Kelly Fry
Julie and Eric Furda
Brigette and Dominic Fuscia
Amy and William Gadsden
Erin Galbally and Catherine Glenn
Matthew Gantz
Claudine and Itzhak Gartenberg
Joseph and Eleanor Gedraitis
Aprel and Keith Gee
Jonah Gelbach and Gwyneth Shaw
Kristina and Brian Gilbert
Malia Gilbert
Brooke E. Giles and Jonathan Sgro
Matthew and Kathryn Gindlesparger
John and Franny Glomb
Rinu Jacob and Praveen Gollapudi
Jenny M. Gómez
Alyson M. Goodner OPC '96 and Paul Daniels
Veronica Tom and Cynthia Gossett
Robert and Amanda Gottschalk
Sean and Alia Gray
Andy Greenberg
Jody and Nikolas Greenblatt
Melissa Grimm
Wayne and Andrea Grinwis
Eric and Rebecca Guenther
Dilek and Murat Gungor
Renee Gunning
Naté and H. Bernard Hall
Casey and Maria Halpern
Esther Yoon and John Han
Lindsay and Matthew Handel
Justin and Shawna Hanley
Suzanne and Christopher Hanlon
Huma Ansari and Asim Z. Haque
Aaron and Colleen Harrington
Michael and Doria Hartman
Omar Harvey
Jennifer and Zachary Hasse
John OPC '96 and Leigh Hassler OPC '96
Carrie and Shawn Hatty
Christine and Joseph Healey
Christine and Curt A. Hoff
Erica Helms and Patrick Horan
Ridvan Hoxha and Gentiana Xhezo
Victor W. and Elizabeth H. S. Hsu
Heather and Craig Hulit
Sarah and Jeffrey Humble
D. Holden OPC '81 and Betsy Hummel
Kaleo Bird and Tu Huynh
Karen Meidlinger and Eliot Ingram
Christie Irvin
Mayla and Thomas H. Jackson
Nathaniel Rupp and Hannah K. Jacoby-Rupp
John Jadach and Maria Sanchez
Aaron James and Michelle Scott
Zsuzsanna Jasdi
Erin Johansen
Bryan and Christy Johnson
Yatora and Kenneth Johnson
Casey Jones
Gina Jones
Meredith J. and Ben W. Jones OPC '88
Douglas and Katherine Jordan
Amit R.T. Joshi and Nikki S. Ariaratnam
Marie and John Joyce
Sydney Stewart and Daniel Juliani
Dilek and Bekir Karabucak
Heather and David Kay
Jackie and Joe Kazimir
Amanda Aronoff and James Keller
Laura R. and Joseph Kelley III
Graham and Kiley Kelly
Katherine and Shawn Kelly
Jason Kemner
Noreen and Chester Kempinski
Stacy and Benjamin Kennedy
Thomasina Kweku-Kennedy and David Kennedy
Sharon and Joseph D. Kestenbaum
Heather S. and Daniel D. Killinger OPC '88
Abby King
Amber and Michael King
Claude and Lea Knight
Jessica and Christopher Kohles
Wick and Mary Kraemer
Brandon L. Krakowsky and Jennifer Lai
Jason Krasno
Darcy W. and Jonathan Krause
Brooke Kravitz

Noam Kugelmass and Laura Efros
Arianna Trionfo and Gary Lamsback
Molly and Gustav M. LangfordTravis J. and Heather Larrabee
An Chu and Tom Le
Jean Sbarge and Jason Leckerman
Martin OPC '02 and Rebecca Lehr
Susanne and Gavin Lentz
Braden and Alissa Lepisto
Alex Levit and Laura Spain
Kimberly and Brett Lewinski
Hezekiah and Leashia Lewis
Randy Lewis and Kathleen O'Leary-Lewis
Sherri Hamilton and Chesley Lightsey
Dennis Lin and Linh Tran
Theresa C. and Vincent Linus
Kruti and Devang Lodhavia
Jodi and Jamie Lokoff
Michael LoStracco and Julianna Fomenko
Crystal Lucas
Frank and Rebecca Luzi
Neri de Kramer-Lynch and Doug LynchAlexander G. OPC '00 and Cecily Macy
Christopher and Sarah Magarity
James and Kate Magee
Lauren and Joseph Maguire
Leigh Anne and Joe Maione
Shannon Morel Makhija
Margaret and Patrick J. Maley OPC '86
Rachel and Neil Malhotra
James and Allison Mangan
Marc Mannella and Mary Doyle Mannella
Hillary and Bradley Marg
Holly and Jeff Markovitz
Teresa Marquard
Licia M. Ano Marrone and Matthew S. Marrone
Ashley and Samuel P. Martin
Gregory and Nicole Martz
Sunil Marwaha and Mary Quigley
Chris and Marianne S. Master
Sarah and Thomas McCabe IV
Kevin and Mary Jane McCain
Kellyann and Charles McCloskey
Jennifer and Timothy McCusker
Patrick McDonough OPC '90
Mary McDow
Samuel and Susa M. McFall OPC '00
Janet and Michael McGlinchey Sr.
Janet Audrain-McGovern and Paul McGovern
Tracy and Bernie McLafferty
Shannon and Brian A. McMahon OPC '94
Greg and Ann M. McNamee
Susan and Charles McPhedran
Nicole and Paul Melchiorre
Patrice Melnick
Bridget K. and John S. Michener OPC '89
Peguy Saintil and Nate Middleton
Ainsley and C. George Milner
Charles J. OPC '00 and Barrie G. Mittica
David and Cynthia Mondgock
Edward H. Morris III  OPC '94 and He Len Chung
Nicole S. and Drew A. Morris OPC '93
Michael T. Moulton
Cory Moy and Edith Chang
Jordan and Kathleen Mulrain
Andrew I. Murray and Kristin Moses Murray
Catherine Murray and Daniel Furtek
Hadi and Aicha Mustapha
Stephen and Katherine Myers
Jennifer and Andrew Newcomb
Diona C. Nicolucci
Joshua and Annie Oberfield
Renee Simpler and Michael O'Gallagher
Tracey DeBlasis and Kelley O'Neill
Nicole and James Onesti Jr.
Zaw M. Oo and Marybeth Tong
Beth Packel and Benjamin E. Long
Yolanda and Mark Palacio
Laura and Joseph G. Pappalardo
Mitra Dadmarz and Pirouz Parang
Jill Seidman and Marco Paredes Jr.
Tracy and Neelesh V. Parikh
Jennifer Villasenor-Park and James Park
Robin and David Parke
Bethany Parker
Kevin T. and Margaux G. Pelegrin OPC '99
Susan and Scott Perricelli
Brett M. Pinto
Susan A. Pinto
Kathryn Plaza
Nadya and Lynn Popil
Jayme Porter
Lorella R. and Trevor P. Prichett
Sara OPC 05 and Adam Prince
Michael and Lysa Puma
Walter Quispe Chavez and Nancy Nunez de la torre
Christopher OPC '99 and Colleen Rahill
Soozung S. and Brian Rankin
Rebekah and Jesse T. Rendell OPC '98
Nathan Richter and Cerys St John Richter
Homer Robinson and Lisa Zahren
Joseph Gary Rocks and Heather Ritch Rocks
Laurie A. and Robert L. Rosania OPC '82
Marla and Rob Roshkoff
Margaret Lockwood and William H. Ross III
Joanne R. and Marc A. Rubinsohn
Mary M. and Generoso C. Rullo III OPC '88
Michelle and James Sage
Sinem and Yusuf Sahingur
Hannah Datz and Samuel Scavuzzo
Gregory A. Schernecke OPC '99 and Lauren C. Daniel
Victoria and Robert Schmidt
Jennifer and Brett Schulman
Christopher and Lisa Schumm
Annie and Wesley J. Schwartz OPC '97
William and Mia Sellers
Mark Sellmyer and Evan Pruitt
David S. Senoff and Michelle W. Singer
Jesse and Lauren Serventi
Marc and Rachel Shaw
Paige and Lavi Shenkman
Alice O'Connor and Michael P. Sheward OPC '89
Katie and Rick Shinholster
Rachel and David M. Shipon OPC '88
Thomas and Donya Short
Jessica P. and Doug Simon
John and Marion Sindoni
Greg and Tori Small OPC '96
Lisa Kolakowsky Smith and Jason Smith
DeVonne and Gerald Snead
Jennifer and Gregory Sokoloff
Oscar and Marceline Sosa
Dennis and Dana Springer
Clayton and Lauren Stabert
Joanna and Daniel Stahl
Reynelle and Thomas Staley
Jason and Ashley Stearn
Zach Steinbock
Katherine and Stephen Steinbrook OPC '90
Scott Stephan and Alexis Topjian
Philip Stevens and Dana Truby
Leslie and David Stillwagon
Brooke and Peter Stratton
Karen and James Suevo
Ann and Gregory E. Summers OPC '89
Gerard and Jody Sweeney
Lisa and Eric Sztejman
Sarah and Gregory Tasian
Lori and Gerad Thorell
Grace L. Toncich
Lauren and Robert Toomey
Joshua OPC '95 and April Torrisi
Jennifer and Joseph Trautwein
Susan and Scott Trevisan
Nicole and Spencer Tullo
Lisa Turner and Preston Thomas
Robert and Rebecca Tyer
Lauren and Luke J. Urban OPC '98
Pamela and Richard Vail
Kees and Christina Van Beelen
Sujatha Srinivasan and Rajesh Vedanthan
Sean Vereen and Beth Hagovsky
Pooja Singh and Vijay Verma
Julie and Gregory Vernick
Rob Voss and Alesa Rubendall
Zivjena and Slobodan Vucetic
Martha Millison and Steven Wade
Shaney and Nicholas Walter
Brian OPC '95 and Stephanie Walters OPC '95
Faith Ward and Kevin DeBell
David E. Weatherill and Jessica Bishof
Jessica and Jonathan Weaver
Jonathan Weinstein
Ardath and Joshua Weiss
Alan and Dayna Weissberger
Robert Whitaker and Hillary Burdette
Ashley Mills and Jameel White
Vivian Y. and Jerome K. Whitener
Julie and Jason Whitney
Joshua Wieller
Reshma Rangwala and Benjamin Wilkins
Bernard Williams and Erin Randolph-Williams
Reed and Christine Wilmerding
Matthew and Kathryn Wilson
John and Erin Wright
Erin and PJ Yeatman
Jennifer and Peter Zabierek
Adli Zalloum and Lisa Volta-Zalloum
Kellyn Zeuner
Pook and Ralph Zingle
Kathryn and Ken Zoldan
Theresa and Jon Zulick
Marie and Tim Zwall

Gifts received as of May 16, 2023.

Billy and I contribute to the Penn Charter Annual Fund yearly because we believe and support the school's commitment to the Quaker philosophy of integrity and faith toward educating our children, meeting them where they are academically, socially and emotionally. Maggie Lockwood P '18, '22, 28 Current Parent
Female sudents gather in a small group in discussion with a female teacher
test photo

With a successful capital campaign and a robust Annual Fund, how far can we move forward? Already, we can see that philanthropy from parents helps to:

  • Facilitate innovation in our classrooms
  • Attract and retain the most qualified teachers
  • Maintain optimal class sizes and resources
  • Provide technological advances in every classroom
  • Embolden us to develop new extracurricular offerings
  • Enable us to continually improve and wisely evolve

You can help move Penn Charter forward because every gift makes a difference. Join the effort and step into the Family Circle.


Contact Director of Parent Engagement Lauren Stabert via email,, or via phone, 215-844-3460 ext. 276.