Endowed Funds

Gifts of Endowment

How far can we see? Penn Charter’s vision for the future prioritizes:

Gifts of endowment have and will play a major role in achieving our vision. To have a conversation about making a capital gift to Penn Charter, please contact Jack Rogers, chief development officer, at jarogers@penncharter.com or 215-844-3460 ext. 111.

Why Is Endowment Important?

Penn Charter manages its endowment, which totals more than $80 million, as a private individual might manage a savings account: The principal is invested, and the money realized by those investments is available for spending or for further savings.

Each year, Penn Charter uses endowment earnings to pay for more than 7 percent of the school’s operating budget, thus significantly reducing the amount of tuition the school would need to charge to pay for the cost of our program. The remaining return on investment is added to the principal so it can continue to grow.

Gifts to the endowment may be unrestricted or restricted. A considerable portion of Penn Charter’s endowment is comprised of about 250 separate and distinct endowed funds. Of these funds, half are designated specifically to support financial aid or faculty salaries. Read the complete list of all the named endowment funds.

Penn Charter’s first endowed fund was established in 1702 by Samuel Carpenter, who was appointed Overseer by William Penn in 1711. Our history of extraordinary generosity from alumni, parents and friends is evident by the evolution of our endowed funds program. Support for endowment demonstrates a commitment to ensuring the future of our school and is an opportunity for donors to create a lasting legacy. All great schools possess outstanding endowments. Those who contribute to Penn Charter’s endowment can take great satisfaction in knowing that their gifts are benefiting the school now and in the future.

A considerable portion of Penn Charter's endowment is comprised of 249 separate and distinct endowed funds. Of these funds, half are designated specifically to support financial aid or faculty salaries. Funds are organized under headings of general, faculty, scholarship, library and other. For a complete list and descriptions of all the named endowment funds, please visit these pages:

Faculty Funds

Ball/Somers Fund
Lewis S. Somers 3rd OPC ’44 and his wife, Betty, created this fund to support the review and implementation of important educational changes at Penn Charter. The grants are to be used to provide support for faculty in analyzing salient issues and implementing new curricular ideas based on that analysis.

Robert J. F. Brobyn OPC ’56 Master Teacher Fund
Established to honor Penn Charter’s extraordinary and dedicated faculty, including those teachers and coaches who had a positive and lasting impact on his life. The fund supports faculty salaries and can provide specific support and recognition to outstanding teachers.

Aaron E. Carpenter OPC 1902 Lower School Faculty Salaries Fund
In 1975 Penn Charter established the first endowed mastership for an elementary school teacher in this country. It was named for Aaron E. Carpenter II, a Penn Charter graduate of the Class of 1902 who bequeathed a generous legacy to the school. The first recipient was Ruth H. Tindall, who taught in the Lower School for 20 years beginning in 1956.

Class of 1944 Memorial Faculty Fund
Established in 1984 by the Class of 1944 on the occasion of their 40th reunion, this fund supports Penn Charter’s efforts to pay rewarding salaries to its faculty. The contributions to the fund are made in memory of the deceased members of the class.

Class of 1945 Herbert McVey Fund
Established in honor of their 50th reunion and in memory of their faculty advisor, Herbert B. McVey, this endowed fund provides support for faculty salaries. The Class of 1945 began its funding effort shortly after their 45th reunion to help Penn Charter recruit and retain the highest caliber faculty.

Class of 1954 Faculty Endowment Fund
Established by members of Penn Charter’s Class of 1954 in recognition and celebration of their 50th reunion, this endowed fund seeks to help the school hire and retain the best possible teachers through competitive compensation. Income from the fund shall be directed annually to support teacher salaries in perpetuity.

Class of 1956 Faculty Fund
To celebrate their 50th reunion, the Class of 1956 broadened the fund established in 1991. The fund will continue to provide educational opportunities that will improve teaching performance, promote educational quality, and attract and retain a faculty of the highest quality and dedication. Now, it shall also provide direct support of teacher salaries in perpetuity. This fund was enlarged to express, once again, the deepest gratitude and appreciation of the Class of 1956 to the faculty of Penn Charter. One of the greatest truths of the Penn Charter education is that instructors, not buildings, are the foundation of good life.

Class of 1958 Memorial Fund for Faculty
Established by the Class of 1958 at their 50th reunion to honor classmates who have passed away and in recognition of faculty who taught them. This particular fund is unique in that it serves to provide additional financial support to an exceptional faculty member who has shown extraordinary talent and leadership both in the classroom and in other areas of student life. With this fund, the Class of 1958 wants to celebrate and honor the unparalleled dedication of a particular individual who epitomizes the true spirit of character that is the Penn Charter teacher.

Class of 1959 Faculty Support Fund
The Class of 1959, in honor of their 25th reunion and the faculty who taught them, established this fund for the purpose of supporting younger faculty. It is used to supplement their salaries, to further their education, to offer summer travel and to provide assistance for other uses related to their teaching and professional growth at Penn Charter.

Class of 1961 Faculty Fund
To be used to generate income to fund salaries, benefits and other amounts payable to the faculty of the school.

Class of 1964 Faculty Development Fund
On the occasion of their 20th reunion in 1984, the Class of 1964 established this fund to honor Penn Charter’s faculty. The income from this endowed fund is used by the faculty for summer study, sabbaticals and special projects.

Class of 1988 Faculty Enrichment Fund
In 2005, the Class of 1988 established this fund as part of the Frameworks for the Future campaign to honor Penn Charter’s esteemed faculty. The purpose of the fund is to support the professional development, salaries and thoughtful progress of the teaching staff.

Class of 1991 Faculty and Coach Fund
Created on the occasion of their 15th reunion in 2006, this fund recognizes and honors the dual role of teaching and coaching. The fund seeks to perpetuate the value of knowing our mentors both in the classroom and on the field, a longtime school tradition.

Frank S. Craig Faculty Fund
This fund is established in honor of Frank S. Craig, a teacher of Latin and mathematics at Penn Charter from 1926 to 1957, and in recognition of the importance of offering competitive salaries and benefits to the teaching staff. Established by his son Frank S. Craig Jr. OPC ’43 and Elizabeth J. Craig in 1999.

Robert R. Cryer Fund for Teacher Excellence
Established by Robert R. Cryer OPC ’56 to assist Penn Charter in retaining dynamic, young teachers. The fund awards a three-year grant to a member of Penn Charter’s faculty who has demonstrated exemplary teaching and made significant contributions to the life of the school.

Pierre S. du Pont OPC 1886 Mastership in Science
Established in 1958 by Headmaster John F. Gummere with a grant from the Longwood Foundation in memory of Pierre S. du Pont, industrialist, philanthropist and educational visionary. Pierre and his brothers, Irenee du Pont OPC 1892 and Lammot du Pont OPC 1892, honored Penn Charter with their lifelong commitment to education and outstanding leadership of the Du Pont Corporation.

Anna Emmons Faculty Fund
Anna S. Emmons P ’36, ’37, ’40, ’44, GP ’73 of Bryn Mawr gave a generous gift to Penn Charter in 1975 to honor the school’s challenge grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation for the endowment of faculty salaries in the Upper School.

W. Stuart Emmons OPC ’37 Family Fund
Anna S. Emmons established this fund in memory of her son W. Stuart Emmons, who was president of the Class of 1937. The Emmons family believed that a faculty’s strength is the key ingredient in assisting Penn Charter students in their growth. They demonstrated their tremendous interest and commitment to Penn Charter with this fund to support faculty salaries.

Richard B. Fisher OPC ’53 Faculty Support Fund
Richard Fisher OPC ’53 established this fund in 1990 to help Penn Charter in its efforts to improve the level of faculty salaries.

Percival E. Foerderer OPC 1902 Middle School Science Center Fund
Established in 1978 to support faculty in the Middle School science department, this fund makes it possible for Penn Charter to maintain the strong science program that has distinguished the school for so many years. Mr. Foerderer’s daughter, Mignon Foerderer Davis, made gifts to the fund to assure that it would continue its commitment to a strong science faculty.

The Edward E. Ford Foundation Faculty Support Fund
The Edward E. Ford Faculty Fund provides endowment for faculty compensation and was established by a series of generous challenge grants from the Edward E. Ford Foundation beginning in 1974 and with the most recent in 2005. The fund serves to strengthen and retain the quality faculty, the school's most important resource.

Randy W. Granger Chair in the Visual Arts
This endowed chair was established by Jeffrey M. Lotman OPC ’80 to honor his former teacher and to recognize teaching that seeks to touch the lives of students and to help them grow as individuals in the broadest sense, as well as in the discipline of the arts.

John Flagg Gummere English Mastership
Crawford H. Greenewalt OPC ’18 established this mastership to honor his lifelong friend and classmate. Jack Gummere believed that good teaching was the most important ingredient for a good school. This fund celebrates his great contributions to Penn Charter and memorializes Jack’s many years of commitment to its community. The fund will provide support for outstanding teachers who are dedicating themselves to teaching young people at Penn Charter.

Hillas Faculty Fund
Established in 2003 by Roger OPC ’45 and Dee Hillas P ’71, ’06, ’09 for the enhancement of professional capabilities of teachers that will in turn enhance instruction of students at William Penn Charter School. This fund provides the school with additional resources to support faculty participation in conferences and workshops so that the teachers will be better able to implement an outstanding curriculum. It encourages graduate and independent summer study that will enhance the teacher’s professional role at Penn Charter. In certain cases, grants could be released for related projects to professional development.

Harry R. Hirshorn Memorial Fund
In 1982, Ralph S. Hirshorn OPC ’56 and his family established this fund in honor of his parents, Harry R. Hirshorn and Estelle Spector Hirshorn, who were former Penn Charter parents and grandparents. The family hopes that the fund will help improve faculty salaries, ensuring that the finest teachers available will be retained and recruited.

M. Albert Linton Fund
Warren F. Miller Jr. OPC ’65 and other grateful students established the M. Albert Linton Fund to honor their master teacher. Bert Linton began his teaching career at Penn Charter in 1946. During his years on the faculty, he was a strong force in the lives of many students. He represented the epitome of fine teaching at Penn Charter. This fund in his honor will help to support salaries of teachers of mathematics.

Col. Clifton Lisle Memorial Faculty Fund
The Col. Clifton Lisle Memorial Fund was established in 1992 by his widow, Anna Hayward Lisle, and William B. Gold Jr. OPC ’31 to memorialize Colonel Lisle’s life at Penn Charter. This gift, joined with gifts from the Hoxie Harrison Smith Foundation and Colonel Lisle’s former students, benefits members of the Penn Charter English Department and thousands of boys and girls for generations to come.

Donald E. MacCormick Mastership in Math
Established in 1947, this fund honors Penn Charter’s first department head, Donald E. MacCormick, who taught mathematics for 34 years, from 1914 to 1948, at Penn Charter.

Charles Thomas Maclary OPC ’21 Music Fund
Established by Peter A. Benoliel OPC ’49 in 2005 to honor and recognize Charles T. Maclary’s leadership in developing a highly respected program of music during his tenure (1933-52). The fund supports orchestral music and the general music program with the objective of maintaining a high-quality program for future generations.

MacNeal Faculty Endowment Fund
Created in 2003 by Richard H. MacNeal OPC ’40 and the MacNeal Foundation in recognition of the outstanding teaching that is the hallmark of William Penn Charter School, past, present and future. The fund provides general support for faculty salaries and professional development.

McFarland Family Fund for Faculty Salaries
Established in 2001, Duncan M. OPC ’61 and Ellen B. McFarland created this fund in support of faculty salaries to reflect their belief in both Penn Charter and the critical role exceptional teaching plays in continuing the excellence of the school.

Philip T. Sharples Science Faculty Fund
In 1984, Philip P. Sharples and Grace Wheeler P ’78, GP ’08, an Overseer, founded this fund in honor of his father, Philip T. Sharples. The fund supports excellence in the teaching of science at Penn Charter.

I. H. B. Spiers Mastership in Modern Languages
In 1944, Headmaster John F. Gummere wrote to all former students of I. H. B. Spiers, a distinguished French teacher, suggesting that they might contribute to a capital fund to create the I. H. B. Spiers Mastership in Modern Language. This fund was established in 1946.

Joseph T. Sullivan OPC ’26 Memorial Fund
The fund was created in 1986 with a gift from Allen F. Steere OPC ’66, an Overseer, in memory of the father of his wife, Meemie Sullivan. It provides opportunities for enrichment to a member of the history department and supports the Middle School Sullivan Speaker.

Betty Barr Thomas Faculty Fund
Made possible by a bequest from Betty Barr Thomas. Established by the school in honor and recognition of her deep devotion and generous support, this fund supports faculty salaries.

Herbert S. and Marjorie L. Winokur Fund
This fund was created to honor Herbert S. Winokur Sr. and Marjorie L. Winokur, the parents of “Pug” Winokur OPC ’61. The fund benefits teachers who have been at Penn Charter for five to 10 years to encourage them to engage in activities of faculty development and enrichment. Income from this fund may also be used to fund part or all of teacher sabbaticals.

General Funds

General Endowment Fund
Gifts contributed to Penn Charter without specific limitations go into the General Endowment Fund. Those who contribute to this fund can take great satisfaction in knowing that their gifts are benefiting the school now and in the future. This fund is the most important at the school. It gives the school maximum flexibility to meet the evolving needs of the institution.

Ms. Miller with LS girl writingGeneral Endowment for Faculty
This fund was established to ensure Penn Charter continues to attract and reward the highest caliber faculty possible. Gifts support faculty salaries and professional development.

General Endowment for Scholarship
Penn Charter strives to be a richly diverse school community, racially, religiously, economically, ethnically and socially. Gifts for this purpose enable the school to offer need-based financial aid to talented students.

General Endowment Library Fund
Established by the estate of Montgomery Brinton Barrett OPC ’31 in 2004, this fund enables Penn Charter’s Gummere Library to provide the foundation for current and future access to knowledge and to meet the growing needs of an innovative curriculum. The school encourages gifts to expand this endowment to perpetuate strong financial resources for the library services program at Penn Charter.

Albert M. Greenfield General Endowment for Athletics
Created in 2004 as part of the school’s Frameworks for the Future campaign and made possible by a generous gift from Albert M. Greenfield III OPC ’74. The fund was established to attract additional charitable support from other donors who share the vision of a strong athletic program and the role it plays in developing cooperation, responsibility, self-discipline and sportsmanship in Penn Charter graduates. It serves as a permanent and growing resource for the future of Penn Charter athletics.

Class of 1962 Faculty and Student Fund

The Class of 1962 Faculty and Student Fund was established in 2007 by the Class of 1962 on the occasion of their 45th reunion to help students and teachers at Penn Charter. The contributions to the fund are made in memory of the deceased members of the class.

Class of 1986 Endowed Fund

Created on the occasion of their 20th reunion, this general endowment fund provides the school maximum flexibilty in addressing the needs of the school.

Class of 1996 General Endowment Fund

Created in 2006 by the Class of 1996 on the occasion of their 10th reunion, the fund assists the school in providing the resources needed to maintain its exceptional history of excellence and is unrestricted.

Class of 1999 Fund

The Class of the 1999 recognizes that great schools are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of their students and faculty. This fund was established in 2006 on the occasion of their fifth reunion and honors Penn Charter’s past successes and helps to provide the resources needed to meet future challenges.

Library Funds

Anne Funkhouser Francis Library Fund
This fund was established in 1981 for the purpose of making the Gummere Library “a vital entity in Penn Charter’s program.” The thoughtfulness and foresight of Mrs. Francis, whose husband and two sons graduated from Penn Charter, continue to benefit our school.

John Flagg Gummere Library Fund
In December of 1964 Penn Charter received a gift from the Crystal Trust to construct and endow a new library building. From 1951 to the mid-1960s, Penn Charter’s enrollment had increased at such an astounding rate as to quickly outgrow the existing library. The new facility was dedicated in the fall of 1967 and named the John F. Gummere Library, in recognition of Dr. Gummere’s outstanding service as Penn Charter’s headmaster and for his great love of books.Above shot of US library

Dudley-Jenness Library Fund
Established in 1934.

Charles L. McKeehan OPC 1893 Library Fund
Established in 1929.

Andrew R. McCown Memorial Library Fund
Established in 1952.

Mary Grove McCown Library Fund
The McCown Library Collection is an outstanding collection covering all aspects of the out-of-doors – the world of nature as well as a variety of outdoor sports. This fund was established by the parents of John McCown OPC ’36, who lost his life in World War II, and Andrew McCown Jr., who died while a student in the fifth grade.

Edwin W. and Elizabeth J. Owrid Hon. 1689 Library Fund
Ed’s love of books and expert leadership made the library a vital and lively part of Penn Charter. His wife Jean’s deep dedication to the school and to its students is fondly remembered by our community. Established in 1983, this fund honors Ed and Jean’s contributions to the life of Penn Charter and supports the library they loved so much.

Spiers and Porter Library Fund
Established in honor of the school’s two most notable masters – Isidore H. B. Spiers, French and English master for 44 years (1885-1929) and Isaac W. Porter, artist and physical education teacher for 44 years (1886-1930), “a maker of men.”

Pauline Trask Library Fund
This fund honors Lower School teacher Pauline Trask, who taught at Penn Charter for 12 years and was the administrative director of the Lower School for part of that time. She died in an airplane accident near Pittsburgh in 1937.

Charles Yarnall Library Fund
Established in 1916, this fund honors Charles Yarnall, who became an Overseer in 1839 and served Penn Charter for many years. Before the Gummere Library was built, the Yarnall Library bore his name.

Other Endowed Funds

Athletic Association Fund
Established in 1927 by the late Isaac Porter, who for 44 years headed the school’s physical education program.

Thomas P. Emmons OPC ’44 Annual Fund Endowment
Established in 2003 with a bequest from Tom Emmons, this endowed fund supports Penn Charter’s Annual Fund yearly.

Endowed Fund for Counseling
Established in 2005 by Stuart and Deborah Kurtz. The fund recognizes the importance of the role of social and emotional development in the education of the total person as Penn Charter prepares students for a successful and meaningful life. This fund supports the general expenses of the school’s counseling program, including, but not limited to, salaries, speakers and consultants.

Endowment for Development Fund
This is a restricted-use fund to support the operating expenses of the development office, with a preference for the salary and benefits of the chief development officer and/or the support of technology or other services that will substantially enhance the development program.

Grace Fund
Established in 2008, the Grace Fund, Penn Charter’s full access fund, honors the late Grace Russell Wheeler, a Penn Charter overseer, parent and grandparent. The Grace Fund is designed to cover the costs of items and events not covered by tuition, and therefore also not funded by scholarship awards. These additional items are varied and many, including but not limited to: field trips, calculators, textbooks, musical instruments and track shoes. For some families these are all minor expenditures, for others they may be prohibitive, therefore depriving those students access to the full Penn Charter experience.

Kenneth Gerber Award for Oustanding Intellectual Achievement
Given to the student who achieves the type of broad-based intellectual accomplishment that characterized Ken Gerber OPC ’85.

Albert M. Greenfield Foundation
Lower School Playground Landscaping Fund
This endowed fund was established to annually maintain and provide additional trees and plants in the Lower School playground area.

Head of School Endowed Fund
This fund’s income is directed at the discretion of the head of school for purposes supporting his or her vision and objectives for the future. Established in recognition of the exceptional leadership and service of Dr. Earl J. Ball III by W. Scott Simon OPC ’78.

Matt Miller OPC ’86 Memorial Garden Fund
This fund is in memory of Matt Miller OPC '86, father of Tate, Class of 2016, and Morgan, Class of 2018, and husband of fourth grade teacher Beckie. Matt, a major gifts officer at PC, was a “lifer” at Penn Charter who followed his older siblings, Wally OPC ’76, Peter OPC ’79 and Kim Miller Fogarty. Matt embodied what it means to be a part of the Penn Charter family, having served as senior class president and then returning to work at the school as a fund-raiser to help ensure the school could continue to provide the same great experience for kids that he himself enjoyed. The Matt Miller Fund will support the continued creation and ongoing maintenance of the Matt Miller Memorial Garden in Chigwell Close. The garden was designed to create a gathering and learning space to help further the values that Matt held so dearly: friendship and camaraderie, true enjoyment of life, freedom to be oneself, personal character and leadership. To sustain the garden's function as an outdoor classroom, the fund may also be used to support academic programs that utilize the facilities of the space.

The Peace and Justice Fund
This fund is created to teach and nurture the school’s core values of peace, justice, equality and acceptance. Income is available for curriculum development and materials, as well as outside speakers and resource leaders. Established anonymously in 2006, this fund encourages gifts from alumni and friends concerned for peace and justice.

Schorsch Family Music Fund
Established in 1979 by Anita and Irvin Schorsch P ’73, ’79 for general support of the school’s music program and in recognition of the important role it plays in a liberal arts education. The fund is used for general support of the school’s music program with preference toward helping the orchestral and choral programs.

Scholarship Funds

Aimwell School Annuity Scholarship
Established in 1808 by the Society for Improving the Condition of the Poor for the “free instruction of female children.” Beginning in 1967, this fund has supported a female student at Penn Charter.

David Ackley Foundation Scholarship
Established in 1812.

Penn Charter Alumni Society Scholarship Fund
Established by the Alumni Society in 2005 in recognition of the importance of scholarship aid and to celebrate the Frameworks for the Future campaign. William Penn articulated the vision for financial aid in the original charter; it is therefore appropriate that the society further these efforts of the school.

Henry L. Austin Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 1944 by classmates and family of Henry L. Austin OPC ’36, who lost his life in a training flight the day after he had been commissioned as an ensign in the Naval Air Force in Florida. Joseph B. McDivitt, while serving with the armed forces in North Africa, wrote to his Class of 1936 mates in support of the fund, and Henry’s father and brother, George Austin and George Austin Jr. OPC ’34, also contributed generously to this fund.

Ballou Family Fund
Created in 2004 by Roger and Georgeann Ballou to provide aid to students who would otherwise be unable to attend Penn Charter.

Earl and Isabel Ball Scholarship
Established in honor of the parents of Head of School Earl J. Ball, this fund provides support for a student throughout his or her years in the Upper School.

Earl J. Ball III Scholarship Fund
Established in 2006 in recognition of his dedication and outstanding service to the school for more than 30 years. By virtue of his influence and vision, Penn Charter stays true to its mission and values while continuing to be a leader in independent school education in the United States. The fund, created initially by a gift from the Jeff and Therese Lotman Foundation, encourages gifts from alumni and friends as a way to honor Dr. Ball and support worthy students. This fund also expresses a special gratitude to Dr. Ball for the encouragement and help he gave to many students, and for his unswerving commitment to financial aid.

Howard Barnes Scholarship Fund
Established in 1986.

Franklin E. Barr Sr. OPC 1900 Scholarship Fund
In December 1989, Betty Barr Thomas created this scholarship fund to honor the memory of her father-in-law. This was the second scholarship created by Betty Barr Thomas to demonstrate her commitment to the education of young people at Penn Charter.

Franklin E. Barr Jr. OPC ’40 Scholarship
Elizabeth Wetter Barr Thomas established an endowed scholarship fund in 1984 to honor the memory of her husband Franklin E. Barr Jr. OPC ’40.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Braemer Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Braemer, parents of Richard Braemer OPC ’58, in appreciation for the excellent education their son had received at Penn Charter, established this award in 1961. Each year, a current student benefits from the income of this fund and is enabled to receive an “excellent education.”

Kenny Caldwell OPC ’89 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 2005 in memory of Kenny Caldwell by his family and friends, this scholarship celebrates the effervescent spirit, lust for life and captivating personality that touched all who knew and loved him. This scholarship seeks to bring to Penn Charter a student who exemplifies Kenny’s upbeat personality, appreciation for city life, and commitment to positively influencing others.

William H. Chamberlain Scholarship Fund
Established in 1970.

Class of 1918 Scholarship Fund
Established in 1951.

Class of 1943 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2005 by the Class of 1943 in support of Frameworks for the Future and in recognition of the critical and historical importance of scholarship aid at William Penn Charter School.

Class of 1955 Scholarship Fund
The fund was established by the class in 2005 on the occasion of their 50th reunion. The fund recognizes the important role of scholarship in the school’s history and is an expression of gratitude and abiding affection for their alma mater.

Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund provides tuition assistance to a student in the Upper School who displays a pressing need for financial aid. Through contributions since the Class of 1963’s graduation and a major gift to the school in honor of their 20th reunion in 1983, the members of the class have helped Penn Charter keep and attract a diverse, able student body and promote the quality and character of their old school.

Class of 1967 William Gawthrop Scholarship Fund
On the occasion of their 20th reunion, the Class of 1967 established a scholarship fund to recognize what they had received from Penn Charter and to provide financial assistance to those who follow.

Class of 1970 Scholarship Fund
The Class of 1970 established this fund to honor its class president, Dr. Charles Long III (1952-2004), who died tragically. Charlie benefited from such a scholarship during his Penn Charter years. The fund further recognizes the premature passing of Dr. Chip Morgan (1952-2002). Charlie and Chip exemplified the highest standards of scholarship and sportsmanship during their years at Penn Charter and in their lives. They were guided by deep respect for the integrity of others. Each sought and heeded a call to service in their professional lives, but perhaps more importantly, each exhibited by virtue of his day-to-day interactions with his fellow man the sincere belief in the principle that the sensitivities and sensibilities of each of us are worthy of consideration, as within each one of us there is that which is divine.

Class of 1972 Scholarship Fund
The Class of 1972 recognizes that a thriving academic community relies on talented students who speak from a variety of perspectives. With this fund created in response to the school’s capital campaign and in recognition of their 35th reunion, Penn Charter will be able to enroll a vibrant mix of the best-qualified students.

Class of 1976 Scholarship Fund
Established on the occasion of the class’s 30th reunion and in conjunction with the Frameworks for the Future capital campaign, this fund supports the general scholarship needs of the school.

Class of 1978 Scholarship Fund
The Class of 1978, in honor of their 25th reunion, established a scholarship fund to help children who will require tuition assistance. The class plans to make annual contributions to the fund.

Class of 1982 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007 in celebration of their 25th reunion and in memory and honor of classmates Louis J. Brown, John E. Linck III and Robert C. Rech. Gifts made to this fund demonstrate the Class of 1982’s desire to sustain Penn Charter’s accessibility to diverse and able students who promote the highest qualities and character of their old school. The fund serves to encourage ongoing support from alumni and friends while providing tuition assistance to a worthy student who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend Penn Charter.

H. Howard Colehower Jr. Scholarship Fund
In 1992, William S. Colehower OPC ’55 established the H. Howard Colehower Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor his father. The scholarship is given to a needy student who, without help from the Colehower Fund, would be unable to receive a Penn Charter education.

Thomas P. Cope Foundation Scholarship
Established in 1851 by members of the Cope family in honor of Thomas Cope, an early Philadelphia merchant whose descendents were Overseers and made Penn Charter’s move to its present location possible.

Edward L. Corson II Scholarship Fund
Edward Corson established this fund with a bequest in 2005 in gratitude to Penn Charter for providing him with the strong educational foundation and life values that last a lifetime. This fund will provide financial assistance to a deserving Middle School or Upper School student.

N. Randolph OPC ’32 and William L. OPC ’23 Cressman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1978 by their sister Mary C. McLear to honor her brothers Nelson and William.

Michael E. Cushmore Scholarship Fund
Established in 1992, this fund supports scholarship at Penn Charter.

Louis D. Davis Jr. OPC ’52 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 2008 by his family in memory and in honor of their loving father and grandfather. This scholarship will provide financial aid for an Upper School student/athlete who displays self determination to achieve academic and athletic excellence.

Walter O. Dilks Scholarship Fund
Established in 1960 to support scholarship at Penn Charter.

Jacob A. Dresden and Stephen R. Mazda Scholarship Fund
Stephen R. Mazda OPC ’75 established this scholarship fund to honor former Assistant Headmaster Jacob A. Dresden, who was Steve’s teacher at Penn Charter and is his friend today. This fund honors all teachers who go the extra mile for their students. The fund benefits a student who has the desire and perseverance to realize a dream and to do whatever is necessary to make a difference.

Ellerson Family Scholarship Fund
Established by Brian D. Ellerson OPC ’86 and his wife, Caroline T. Ellerson. The fund provides need-based financial assistance to gifted Middle or Upper School students. The fund, created in 2006, honors the school’s values and mission-driven commitment to help worthy and talented youth attend Penn Charter.

Entwisle Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007 by Marilyn Entwisle in recognition and in furtherance of Penn Charter’s mission, “Good instruction is better than riches.” This scholarship will benefit a qualified Lower School student with significant financial need who exhibits much promise and for whom the dream of a Penn Charter education would have been unattainable without scholarship support.

Evans Family Fund for Scholarship
The original school charter articulates the importance of a grant-aid program for worthy students. Scholarship opens a door of opportunity to students who otherwise would not be able to attend Penn Charter. This fund honors the school’s tradition of scholarship and celebrates the Frameworks for the Future campaign.

Henry C. Evans Scholarship Fund
Paul W. Allen OPC ’33 established this fund in to celebrate the career of Henry C. Evans. During 39 years of teaching and then as friend and mentor, “Bugs” Evans’ loving manner touched the lives of his students and fellow teachers, his friends and admirers. Contributions are made annually to this fund by those who are grateful to this master of the art of teaching.

W. Raymond Evans Jr. Scholarship Fund
W. Raymond Evans Jr. was a brilliant mathematician whose contribution to Penn Charter’s faculty was immeasurable. The fund was established in 1967 to support scholarship at Penn Charter.

Herman W. Fischer OPC 1926 Scholarship Fund
Established in 1953 by William F. Fischer to honor his son Herman who died in a tragic automobile accident. Herman W. Fischer was the beloved father of two Penn Charter graduates, Richard P. OPC ’56 and Edward W. Fischer OPC ’60. This fund supports scholarship at Penn Charter.

Richard B. Fisher OPC ’53 Scholarship Fund
Richard Fisher OPC ’53 established this fund in 1990 to help students needing financial assistance to attend Penn Charter.

Richard H. Flood OPC ’50 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003, the scholarship was created as an enduring legacy to reflect Dick’s affection and loyalty to his old school. He enjoyed young people very much and strongly believed in their individual potential – both academically and athletically. It is therefore fitting that this fund benefit a Penn Charter student who, like Dick, demonstrates significant promise and leadership both on and off the playing field.

The Edward E. Ford Foundation Upper School Scholarship Fund
Established in 1978, the scholarship fund supports talented students in the Upper School.

Gaskins Family Scholarship Fund
The Gaskins Family Scholarship Fund was established in 2005 to provide exceptional racial and ethnic minority students who have significant financial needs with an opportunity to excel in the
classroom, as well as in his or her chosen sport. This fund recognizes that student athletes develop strong academic and leaderships skills, which prepare them to assume vital roles in their
professions and in their communities.

Marilyn Geary and Helen Mattis Scholarship Fund
Established by J. Brandt Joel II OPC ’83 in 2005 to honor the two Penn Charter Lower School teachers who had a lasting impact on his life.

Gerstley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carol K. and William Gerstley II established this scholarship fund in 1977 as part of Program Penn Charter in memory of their son, David G. Gerstley OPC ’70, who died in September of 1975.

Joseph F. Golden Jr. OPC ’49 Scholarship Fund
Joseph F. Golden Jr. established this scholarship fund to help ensure that Penn Charter continues its student diversity and moves into its fourth century of education as a vigorous and dynamic school.

G. Davis Greene Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1981 by G. Davis Greene Jr. OPC ’49 and Donald L. Greene OPC ’51 to honor their father.

Anthony Gubicza Scholarship Fund
Mark S. Gubicza OPC ’81 established this fund in the memory of his father, Anthony Gubicza, a former assistant baseball coach at Penn Charter. The income from this fund will help a Penn Charter student from the 21st Ward of Philadelphia with financial aid. Both Mark and his father have been supportive of the school’s baseball program.

John Flagg Gummere Memorial Scholarship Fund
This fund was established to honor Jack Gummere’s dedication to youth. As an alumnus, teacher, coach, headmaster and friend, he devoted more than 45 years to educating and helping Penn Charter students. It is fitting, therefore, that the scholarship fund that carries his name will continue his tradition of providing boys and girls with a Penn Charter education.

Fannie G. and Edwin Hall 2nd OPC ’24 Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1984.

J. P. Harland VI Scholarship
Established in 1974 to support scholarship at Penn Charter.

Hauptfuhrer Scholarship Fund for International Studies
Established in 2005 to promote international cultural understanding through scholarship assistance. This fund enables international students to attend Penn Charter, with preference given to Middle Eastern students.

Kimberly A. and David A. Healy Scholarship Fund
Established by David A. Healy OPC ’86 in loving memory of his wife, Kimberly, this fund provides scholarship support to an academically and athletically talented Upper School student who demonstrates a strong desire to reach his or her full potential and is committed to making the most of his or her Penn Charter experience.

George C. Henrich OPC ’51 Scholarship Fund
Established in 1999 to provide financial assistance to deserving students.

Roger S. Hillas OPC ’45 Scholarship
Walter H. Annenberg honored his friend Roger S. Hillas by establishing this scholarship fund in 1990. Through this fund, Walter Annenberg further expressed his strong interest in supporting worthy students and quality education.

Chuck Hitschler and Val Erdmanis Scholarship Fund
Established in 2004, this scholarship fund honors wrestling coaches Chuck Hitschler and Val Erdmanis, members of the faculty since the late 1970s and wrestling coaches since 1979. Whether on the wrestling mat or in the classroom, these mentors have inspired, instructed and impressed the core values of hard work, determination and desire, qualities that make winners in wrestling and in life.

Houghton-Carpenter Foundation Scholarship
Through the direction and support of William F. MacDonald Jr. OPC ’62, P ’04, ’05, ’09, the Houghton-Carpenter Foundation established this scholarship in 1983 to honor Penn Charter’s commitment to financial aid.

Harriet Jackson Scholarship Fund
Established anonymously, the fund provides scholarship aid to students in 11th and 12th grade who, without additional support, would be unable to continue at Penn Charter. Selected students will have demonstrated the willingness and ability to contribute to the school in many different ways, and their presence at Penn Charter would be a special asset to the spirit of the school.

John Jones Foundation Scholarship
Established in 1761 to support scholarship at Penn Charter. John Jones was an Overseer of the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting who contributed to the petition of Lieutenant Governor William Markham for charter of incorporation for the school.

S. Levis Jones Scholarship
Established in 1989 to support scholarship at Penn Charter.

Richard Mott Jones Scholarship Fund
To commemorate the 200th anniversary of William Penn’s Charter of 1711, Pierre S. du Pont OPC 1886 established the Richard Mott Jones Scholarship in 1911 as evidence of his high regard for Penn Charter and his headmaster.

James L. Kahn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1963 to support scholarship at Penn Charter.

Karr-Nydick Scholarship Fund
Established in 2000 by Thelma V. Karr GP ’02, ’05, Robert L. Jr. OPC ’75 and Susan Karr Nydick P ’02, ’05, and Christine P. and Robert L. Nydick Sr. GP ’02, ’05 in memory of Streeper Karr III and in recognition of the vital importance of scholarship aid for William Penn Charter School.

Peter Kishinchand Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by his parents, this fund honors Peter Kishinchand OPC ’91, an extraordinary young man remembered for his exceptional skills in theater design and his willingness to share his gift with students and faculty alike. The recipient of this scholarship fund will be a student with similar interests and character.

Eugene L. Klenk OPC ’48 Scholarship Fund
Established with a bequest from the estate of Dr. Eugene L. Klenk OPC ’48 and memorial gifts from his family and friends, the scholarship will provide to a deserving student an opportunity to receive a Penn Charter education. Gene was devoted to Penn Charter. As his classmate John Fuller wrote, “He represented the best that Penn Charter influenced, an influence that stayed with him throughout his life.”

Kline and Specter Scholarship Award
Thomas R. Kline P ’97, ’03 and Shanin Specter OPC ’75 established this fund in honor of Lisa Slowick, Class of 1995. It is awarded on an annual basis to “an Upper School student who has striven to overcome injury, illness or significant personal hardship as exampled by Lisa.”

Thomas and Pamela Kramer Scholarship Fund
Established in 2004 by Tom OPC ’85 and Pam Kramer as part of the Frameworks for the Future campaign and in recognition of the vital importance of making possible a quality education to an economically diverse group of students.

Kurz Family Scholarship Fund
The Kurz Family Scholarship was established in 2003 to benefit eligible and needy Upper School students to continue their Penn Charter education through graduation. It was established as an expression of gratitude for their alma mater by George H. Kurz OPC ’46, Charles Kurz II OPC ’63 and Robert K. Kurz OPC ’74, and to help Penn Charter continue to have young scholars who represent diverse cultures and economic backgrounds.

William S. Lane Scholarship Fund
In 1977, an anonymous alumnus established an endowed scholarship fund to honor Bill Lane’s years of teaching at Penn Charter. Following his death in 1989, many of Bill’s friends, family and students continue to support this fund to honor his extraordinary life as teacher and friend.

Rochelle Feldman and Robert P. Levy OPC ’48 Scholarship Fund
Over the years, Bob Levy and his wife, Cissie, have made it possible for deserving students to attend Penn Charter. Those who have attracted Bob and Cissie’s assistance have been young people with demonstrated ability in their studies and in their sports and marked by their lively interest in the events of life. With this in mind, the Rochelle Feldman and Robert P. Levy Scholarship Fund will be used to provide a scholarship each year to one or more such students whom the administrators believe will benefit from and accept the challenges of Bob and Cissie’s gift of good instruction. Raymond W. Vickers OPC ’61 established this fund in 2003 to honor Bob and Cissie. Gifts are encouraged from their numerous friends and admirers.

Lisker Family Scholarship Fund
Established in 2004 by Marc R. Lisker OPC ’86 in appreciation of the excellent education that he and his brother Gary M. Lisker OPC ’81 received at Penn Charter. This fund will provide financial assistance to a deserving Middle School or Upper School student.

Grace Lloyd Foundation Scholarship
Established in 1760 to support scholarship at Penn Charter.

Rev. Charles H. Long Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1952 by Nancy M. Long to honor her husband and father of Dr. Charles H. Long III OPC ’70.

Beryl B. Lyons Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003 by John E. Lyons in loving memory of his wife, Beryl B. Lyons, this fund supports scholarship at Penn Charter.

Timothy J. Maguire OPC ’85 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007 by Timothy J. Maguire OPC ’85, this scholarship will benefit a deserving Lower School student for whom the dream of a Penn Charter education would have been impossible without scholarship assistance. This fund values the importance of an early education experience as the foundation for all educational pursuits. Timothy Maguire hopes that the recipient of this fund will graduate from Penn Charter with the same love of education and athletics that was instilled in Tim by his parents and nurtured by Penn Charter.

George Conrad McFarland OPC 1919 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2008 in honor of George Conrad McFarland OPC 1919/1920 through the generosity of his wife, Esther Ann McFarland. George C. McFarland graduated from Penn Charter in 1919, and was the recipient of three coveted awards upon commencement: the Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute Prize for the highest average in science and mathematics; the Parker Shortridge Williams OPC 1890 Prize for the highest scholastic record in the graduating class; and the Gold Medal of the Trident Senior Honor Society for the greatest proficiency in the solutions of original problems in algebra and plane geometry. Too young to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1919, Mr. McFarland completed an additional year (1919-1920) at Penn Charter before matriculating at that institution in 1920. This scholarship will be granted to a deserving Penn Charter student who, like McFarland, displays considerable aptitude and proficiency in science and mathematics.

McGarvey Family Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003 for an Upper School student who demonstrates financial need, participates in athletics and whose character is a model for fellow classmates.

Francis B. OPC 1912 and Mary Emma Milligan Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003 in honor of Francis B. Milligan OPC 1912 through the generosity of his wife, Mary Emma Milligan. “Frank always said that he got his education at Penn Charter and learned his trade at University of Pennsylvania.” This fund aids students in their pursuit of a Penn Charter education that will prepare them academically, professionally and as a person. It is awarded to needy students who would otherwise not be able to attend Penn Charter.

Elizabeth C. and William Montgomery Scholarship Fund

Thomas and Sarah Moore Foundation Scholarship
Established in 1814 to support scholarship at Penn Charter.

Florence R. C. Murray Scholarship Fund
Florence Murray was the daughter of Major Aaron E. Carpenter OPC 1902, a president E.F. Houghton and Co., Inc. for many years. This fund honors Penn Charter’s educational mission and was made possible by a generous bequest from Florence Murray and with support from William F. MacDonald Jr. OPC ’62, P ’05.

Peter K. Ortale OPC ’83 Scholarship Fund
We lost Peter K. Ortale OPC ’83 in the World Trade Center tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001. To create a lasting memorial and to celebrate his life and accomplishments, family and friends established the Peter K. Ortale OPC ’83 Scholarship Fund. The fund seeks to provide tuition assistance to an Upper School student who, like Peter, exhibits the qualities of the scholar-athlete and demonstrates a high level of motivation, self-reliance and leadership, both in the classroom and on the playing field.

Ralph F. Palaia Scholarship Fund
Because Ralph Palaia touched the lives of many students and their parents, this scholarship fund was established to honor his 34 years of service at Penn Charter. The Ralph F. Palaia Scholarship Fund helps deserving students have the privilege of that Penn Charter experience, which Ralph himself appreciably shaped over his years as teacher, coach, director of Middle School, director of admissions and assistant headmaster.

Andrew Peff OPC ’07 Memorial Scholarship Fund
To honor their friend, members of the Class of 2007 established this fund so that the school can award aid for a Penn Charter foreign language trip to a student who would otherwise be unable to afford the trip.

Penn Charter Faculty Scholarship Fund
Established by the William Penn Charter School faculty in 2004 as part of the Frameworks for the Future campaign to support worthy students in need of financial aid.

Joy Quill Overseers’ Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003 by Joy Quill, this scholarship supports a Chinese female, and secondarily an Asian student.

William H. Resch Memorial Scholarship Fund
This endowed fund was established in memory and in honor of William Resch by family and friends. Bill was a dedicated assistant football coach at Penn Charter from 1964 to 1969 and saw four sons graduate from the school for which he had a deep affection. Income from the fund shall support scholarship aid for Middle and Upper School students.

F. Stone Roberts OPC ’62 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2004 by F. Stone Roberts OPC ’62, this scholarship supports students from Philadelphia’s East Falls or Germantown neighborhoods.

Rennie S. Rodriguez OPC ’85 Scholarship Fund
This fund supports the Frameworks for the Future campaign by offering scholarship support for financially disadvantaged student athletes at Penn Charter. Established in 2005 by Rennie S. Rodriquez OPC ’85 to recognize the valuable interdependence of academics and athletics, and to ensure the diversity and multiculturalism of this school.

Jorge A. Roig OPC ’76 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003 by Jorge Roig OPC ’76, this fund was created to honor Penn Charter and to support deserving students who come from Spanish-speaking homes.

David J. Rosania Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by Laurie and Bob Rosania OPC ’82 and family in memory of their father, a lifelong educator, coach and mentor of young people. During his lifetime, Mr. Rosania worked tirelessly to help show that “with a good education, anything is possible.” The income from this fund will help an Upper School student-athlete who demonstrates personal commitment to meeting academic and athletic goals.

Dr. Joel J. Roslyn Memorial Scholarship Fund
The fund supports financial aid-worthy students, with preference for those who have a love of science. Created in loving memory by his wife and sons in 2002 for the Frameworks for the Future campaign.

Charles Rupp Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Charles Rupp Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1985 with a gift from his wife, Jane Rupp McPherson.

Casiana and William H. Ryan OPC ’49 Scholarship Fund
Established in 2006 in honor of William H. Ryan OPC ’49 by his wife, Casiana. The scholarship fulfills their hope to provide the Penn Charter experience to a student who as the talent to take full advantage of the program.

Louis Savino Scholarship Fund
Established in 2001 through the generous support of students, faculty, parents, alumni, friends and his family, this fund honors Louis Savino, a member of the Class of 2003, who died suddenly while in 10th grade at Penn Charter. A well-known and loved student, Lou had a deep affection for music and service to others. The Louis Savino Scholarship is awarded to a 10th grader who has demonstrated strong academic achievement, has excelled in either music or service learning, and who, without financial assistance, would be unable to attend Penn Charter.

The Seybert Institution Scholarship Funds (I and II)
Established first in 1980 and another in 1984.

Franklyn Sharpless OPC ’35 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1950 by Mrs. Samuel F. Sharpless in memory of her son First Lieutenant Franklyn Sharpless, who lost his life in World War II.

Thomas and Lula M. Shepard Scholarship Fund
Established in 1947.

Isidor P. Strittmatter III OPC ’74 Memorial Scholarship Fund
The estate of Isidor P. Strittmatter II, father of Isidor P. Strittmatter III OPC ’74, made a generous gift in 1999 to establish this fund in memory of his son. The income from this fund will provide scholarship to deserving students.

John A. Wall OPC ’84 Memorial Scholarship Fund
In 1993, John Wall’s family established a memorial scholarship fund to honor the life of their son and brother, John A. Wall OPC ’84. At Penn Charter, John Wall played football and lacrosse and developed an interest in writing. After graduating from Hobart College as an English major, John was pursuing a career that would have enabled him to expand his talents. It is fitting then that the recipient of this scholarship fund be a student who enjoys writing and who would be unable to attend Penn Charter without some financial assistance.

Arthur E. Weil Scholarship Fund
Established in 1974.

Wenger Family Scholarship Fund
Kurt and Betsey Wenger P ’08 established this fund in 2005 to ensure the success of the Frameworks for the Future capital campaign and as tangible proof of their journey to make a difference in the lives of others. This fund will provide financial aid for a student who will take full advantage of their educational opportunity.

Rebecca Wharton Foundation Scholarship Fund
Established in 1815.

Grace R. Wheeler Middle School Scholarship Fund
To honor Grace Wheeler’s 10 years as clerk of Overseers, this fund was established with a generous gift from the Penn Charter Community in 1986. Income from this fund is awarded annually as a scholarship to a Middle School boy or girl.

Evelyn J. White Scholarship Fund
Established in 1990 in honor and memory of Evelyn J. White by her son, F. John White OPC ’65. Evelyn J. White was the first woman deputy mayor of Philadelphia. Because of her dedicated and loyal service to the city, the recipient will preferentially be a child of an employee of the City of Philadelphia.

R. Jennie Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1921 by Jennie Williams in gratitude for the financial aid granted her two sons, John S. OPC ’16 and Henry B. OPC ’24, this fund, through continuing donations from members of the Williams family, provides tuition assistance for a child who has no father.

Fred F. Woerner Sr. Scholarship Fund
Established in 1957 by Fred F. Woerner Sr., who believed in the fundamental importance of a good education. Fred hoped to provide the same opportunity for a young scholar that was so generously given to his son Gen. Fred F. Woerner Jr. OPC ’51. This fund provides general scholarship at Penn Charter.

Women's Legacy Scholarship Fund
In honor of Elizabeth Flemming, Elizabeth A. Glascott Hon. 1689, Cheryl Irving Hon. 1689 and Deborah White, the Women's Legacy Scholarship Fund was established by the OPC female student-athletes in celebration of 20 years of girls athletics at Penn Charter. These four women have together dedicated more than 100 years of educating girls at Penn Charter both in and out of the classroom. This fund provides tuition assistance to female student-athletes who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, persistence and dedication, which are so important to these four women.

Richard R. Wood Scholarship Fund
This endowment fund was established in 1983 in memory of Richard Wood’s 58 years of loving service to the school as teacher, Overseer and clerk of Overseers. Income from the fund is used to provide scholarship aid to students who otherwise could not attend Penn Charter.

Wyatt Wistar Brown Scholarship Fund
Established in 1901 by T. Wistar Brown, a Penn Charter Overseer from 1856 to 1916 who served as treasurer of Overseers for 50 years, to honor his young son who died while a student at Penn Charter. The fund supports scholarships at Penn Charter and other selected Friends schools in the Philadelphia area.