Philanthropic gifts tell stories. They are shaped by each donor to reflect personal experiences, beliefs and dreams. And gifts ignite change.


The Graham Effect

The William A. Graham IV OPC ’58 Athletics & Wellness Center is a vibrant 88,000-square-foot facility that amplifies athletics and wellness.

White man in bowtie gesticulates as he conducts a choir out of frame

The Roberts family gives Joe Fitzmartin the surprise of a lifetime. 

Ripple Effects

Penn Charter's tax-credit program facilitates impactful giving.

Stewarding the PC Community

Penn Charter acted quickly to develop a plan to keep our community whole during the covid-19 pandemic.

Closer Than Ever

Penn Charter’s singular investment of time, resources and attention to the How Far? campaign is paying off.

Strength in Numbers

Over the life of the transformative How Far? campaign, the Penn Charter Annual Fund has risen to meet and even exceed expectations.

A Hub for Hands-On Learning

The Somers Science Room in PC's new Lower School will be a space for curiosity and hands-on learning.

Impact In Your Lifetime

James M. Arrison III OPC ’60 joins the Pinehurst Society with a gift that provides multiple benefits.

Banding Together

This year, two OPC classes announced major collaborative gifts to the How Far? campaign that will directly support Penn Charter’s campus transformation. 

portrait of Dr. Joseph Shipon, wearing a dark suit and bowtie.

Jacob A. Shipon's three children and eight grandchildren name the new athletic training space in his memory.