A Gift, Magnified

Mr. Granger ... Mrs. Davis ... Reid Bush ...

The significance of this particular trio of faculty favorites—representing the visual arts, chemistry and biology, respectively—snaps into focus when you discover what Scott Marlowe OPC ’80 does for a living.

Diagnostic radiology became the vehicle for Marlowe’s seemingly disparate interests, combining his love of photography and science, plus a family tradition of medicine, in one discipline.

And though Marlowe’s passions didn’t begin at Penn Charter, they found a greater expression here through his work with those three mentors, and countless others, who propelled him on to a degree in computer science and then medical school.

Scott Marlowe and his wife, Sue, at PC’s 2019 Leadership Donor Dinner.

Marlowe came to PC late, in 10th grade, on the recommendation of a good friend, and in those three formative years he was challenged in ways he hadn’t been at his previous school. “You weren’t just expected to spit back information and fill out multiple choice tests,” he recalled. “You had to actually prove what you could do with the knowledge.”

Following medical school at MCP/ Drexel and a fellowship in Pittsburgh, Marlowe joined a private radiology practice in central Pennsylvania and then returned to the Philadelphia area in 2009, where he took a position with BTD Radiology at Chestnut Hill Hospital. He’s stayed connected to Old Penn Charter over the years through alumni events and class reunions.

Marlowe has also given back to PC since his early 20s, but only in 2019 did he give for the first time through the Educational Income Tax Credit (EITC).

When asked what appealed to him about making a gift through EITC specifically, he explained how his donation would be “magnified” through the program, subtly invoking a bit of technical vocabulary from his field.

“It allowed me to give a lot more than I otherwise could,” he said.