Cheering for Lacrosse in Style

The next time you enjoy a comfortable seat for a lacrosse or field hockey game at Penn Charter’s Perrott Field, thank the Earley family.

The Earleys provided the lead gift in redesigning the turf field to enhance the appearance as visitors enter from School House Lane and to create a more fan-friendly viewing experience. New and more elaborate bleachers, including a press box, were added and moved to the “opposite” side of the field, facing toward the school rather than away from it. A scoring table was added to the other side, where the home stands used to be. And the entire area was landscaped to make Perrott Field a premier athletic destination in metro Philadelphia.

“Harold and I had talked about this for years,” said coach Pat McDonough OPC ’90. “When you go into a college lacrosse stadium, you feel that excitement, like everything is right on top of you. This will give us a real home-field advantage.”

Harold Earley, the chief financial officer at the foam products manufacturer FXI, Inc., and his wife, Denise, have also made significant gifts to Penn Charter in support of scholarship programs through Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs, which allow donors to give money to private schools in exchange for tax credits.

“They’ve been wonderful parents,” said Chief Development Officer Jack Rogers. “And through their generosity, they have made it possible for a lot of kids to attend Penn Charter who otherwise would not have been able to do that.”

The Earleys spent a lot of time at Perrott Field, cheering for their two sons. Tyler Earley OPC ’12 was a first-team all-Inter-Ac attackman who also led PC’s water polo team

to two league titles. He played lacrosse at the University of Pennsylvania and now works for a private equity group in New York. Younger brother Kyle Earley OPC ’19, a lacrosse midfielder, is now a student at Bucknell University.

“Our boys got a great education at Penn Charter,” Harold Earley said. “We had a great experience and met a lot of terrific families. We are huge fans of the school, and we have been glad to support it in many ways.”

McDonough returned the sentiments. “The Earleys are such a good family,” he said. “When they see something that needs to be done, they just do it.”