EITC: An Obvious Choice

If there’s one spot on campus that stands out to Tony Salvi, it’s probably the Earl and Pam Ball Theater in Penn Charter’s Kurtz Center for the Performing Arts, a place where his daughter, Isabella, an 11th grader, has now spent considerable amounts of time.

“It’s unbelievable,” he said of PC’s widely-admired theater space.

Bella Salvi first set foot in the Kurtz Center while touring high schools as an eighth grader. As a ninth grader, she participated in the fall play and the all-school musical, and the following year she landed the role of Morticia in the 2019 production of The Addams Family. Cast, crew and orchestra members develop a special relationship with the Ball Theater during the months of preparation that go into a musical, and Bella was no exception.

Several high-quality shows in that state-of-the-art facility clearly left an impression on Bella’s parents, as well.

“She’s done a lot of shows, but this one was up there. She’d never been on a stage that big,” her father explained.

“She loved every moment of that production.”

The Salvi family – Erica, Bella and Tony – after Bella’s performance as Morticia in Penn Charter’s 2019 production of The Addams Family.

Tony and Erica Salvi found PC during their daughter’s final year at a pre-K to 8 school, after an extensive search process. “Lots of open houses, lots of visits.” Bella immediately felt at home on Penn Charter’s campus, like she would be supported there. When it came time to make the choice for high school she was confident.

“It was her decision. She directed the process,” Erica recalled. “Knowing she felt comfortable there was really important to us as parents.”

The Salvis have supported Penn Charter since the beginning, and last year they made their first EITC gift, which was an obvious choice, a simple way to redirect some of their tax dollars toward an institution they care about and give other students access to the opportunities Bella has enjoyed.

The Salvis also made a separate gift to the How Far? campaign, supplemented by Tony’s employer, Vanguard, through a company policy that offers a 50 percent match on employees’ charitable donations.

“We knew this campaign was important to the school, and we wanted to do what we could to contribute,” Tony said. Chief Development Officer Jack Rogers helped direct some of the Salvis’ gift toward the crew team, another essential aspect of their life at

PC. “Such a wonderful team. She had a great freshman season,” Tony remembered. They look forward to getting back out on the river as soon as possible.

Giving back to their daughter’s school makes sense to the Salvis. They know she’s happy there, and they’re happy for her. They want to pay it forward.