McFarland Gift Increased to $10M

Duncan and Ellen McFarland have increased to $10,000,000 their commitment to Penn Charter’s $75 million How Far? capital campaign.

Duncan McFarland

“The fact that the capital campaign has come forward with such momentum and success inspires us,” Duncan M. McFarland OPC ’61 said of the decision to double his campaign gift. “We want to motivate other people who share the vision for Penn Charter’s future.”

The McFarlands’ first gift to the How Far? capital campaign was unrestricted, meaning it can be used to support any one of the goals of the campaign, including program, financial aid and faculty.

However, their new $5 million gift is specifically for the building projects that will transform our campus and position Penn Charter for another 50 years. Those projects are illustrated and explained here.

“Duncan and Ellen McFarland’s increased gift is indicative of their belief in the future of Penn Charter, and it is inspiration for us to accomplish all that we envision,” said Head of School Darryl J. Ford. “I am thankful for their commitment, and I both value and treasure Duncan’s friendship and support of me.”

“Duncan and Ellen McFarland's increased gift is ... inspiration for us to accomplish all that we envision." – Head of School Darryl J. Ford