Set for This Millenium

Overseer Scott Simon OPC ’78 signaled his confidence in Penn Charter and the How Far? capital campaign with a bold gesture—a second, seven-figure gift, this one announced on the afternoon this fall when Simon and fellow Overseers met to decide when to move forward with the facilities projects outlined in PC’s Campus Master Plan.

“This master plan is truly transformational,” Simon, back home in California, explained in a telephone conversation. “If you had laid the campus out from scratch, this is what you would have drawn. We’ll have the facilities to achieve our goals in academics, arts and athletics for years. We’ll be set for this millenium.”

Each member of the 24-member Overseers brings particular knowledge and skills to their board service. Simon, a managing director of the world’s largest bond fund before he retired from Pacific Investment Management Company, brings to Overseers finance expertise, plus a competitive instinct.

“If you charge a premium price, you need a premium product, and PC needs a campus overhaul,” Simon said. The plan for a new lower school and an Athletics and Wellness Center “is actually awesome. That we can do this is remarkable. To the degree that I could help make it happen, and inspire others to help make it happen, it seemed like the right thing to do. And the right time to do it.”

The Penn Charter Overseers’ commitment to the How Far? campaign is impressive: 100 percent participation. Their gifts of $16.9 million comprise almost 23 percent of the $75 million campaign goal.