Strategic Vision Gains Bandwidth


Travis Larrabee, recently Upper School director and before that dean of students, began this school year as Penn Charter’s new, and first, Director of Strategic Initiatives. In this role Larrabee is charged with working to further the Strategic Vision approved by Overseers in 2013.

“Our Strategic Vision is bold, and it continues to serve as the beacon for the school,” Larrabee said. “The overarching goal of my position is to keep pursuing the mission of the school with this vision as its guide.”

Larrabee will be working pre-K to 12 to support new and existing programs. He also will identify ways that Penn Charter can be “programmatically nimble” so that we can provide students with opportunities that meet their educational needs and simultaneously allow them to pursue their passions.

“This does not equate to a unique curriculum for each student or to over-specialization,” Larrabee said, “but rather to achieve greater flexibility, allowing students to chart their own educational path through high school.”

Head of School Darryl J. Ford and Larrabee have identified five specific areas of focus for Strategic Vision work in the next few years:


Identify the ways in which blended learning — online digital media with traditional classroom instruction — does and does not support student learning. Investigate partnerships with organizations that provide online curriculum and instruction. Penn Charter’s schedule and staffing budgets have limits, and partnering with a quality organization that provides synchronous and asynchronous online instruction could be valuable.


Among others, PC currently partners with Jefferson University for professional development and University of Pennsylvania for student internships. In what ways can we expand partnerships with colleges and universities for the benefit of our students and faculty?


Support the implementation of our new teacher supervision and evaluation system in all three divisions.


Support new certificate programs in Global Studies and Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability, and lead conversations about additional certificate programs.


Inventory and assess what we already do, and explore new and sustainable connections that serve our global purpose and Penn Charter’s mission.

“I am excited and energized to begin this next chapter of my work for the school and its students, faculty and families,” Larrabee said.