Taking it to Another Level

The Kurz family predicts that the Graham Center will not only help Penn Charter develop student athletes, it will attract talented athletes to the school.

The largest academic space in the Graham Athletics & Wellness Center will be the classroom that bears the Kurz family name. 

The three stellar Penn Charter athletes naming the new room—Rob Kurz OPC ’74 and his sons, Rob Jr. OPC ’04 and Chris OPC ’08—believe that the classroom space captures the academic and athletics component of the new facility in a way that is true to the mission of the school. 

“The educational program at Penn Charter is committed to excellence in academics, athletics and arts. The three don’t compete—they are complementary. Recognizing that, remaining committed to all three, that makes us a strong school,” said Rob Sr. 

Kurz welcomes the new center as an affirmation of PC’s commitment to athletics. “If you look around the league, you see that there has been tremendous investment in facilities. Penn Charter needs this facility to take us to another level. The facility will not only help us develop student athletes, it will attract student athletes to the school.” 

 Chris sees the alumni investment in the facility inspiring PC athletes: “When students see graduates making an effort to contribute something to the place they came from, it’s encouraging. It will inspire athletes and give them a sense of pride as well.” 

And Rob Jr. sees the benefit going the other way, too. “Athletics engages alumni, it brings them back to the school, has them checking the newspaper for scores. When the teams are doing better, the alumni are more engaged.” 

As much as Rob Sr. supports enhanced facilities, he believes that culture is important, and so is coaching. “We always have to keep in mind that we need to have terrific teacher coaches who can make the best use of the facilities. It’s about facilities, and it’s about people.” 

Despite their passion for athletics, the Kurz family concurs that their gift is not just about athletics. “We’ve been thinking about the need to upgrade the facilities dating back to when we were in school. But this is about supporting the school, which is near and dear to our hearts dating back to my grandfather,” Rob Jr. said, referring to Karl Kurz OPC ’37.

“It was gratitude that triggered the donation. We are all grateful for the educational foundation, the lifetime friends, the lessons we learned. And we are really proud of the school and its mission.”

They welcome other families to consider joint gifts. “As people contemplate how they would like to help the school,” Rob Sr. said, “if your experience at Penn Charter included participating in athletics, and if that experience was meaningful to you in your life, it feels great to be able to express that.” PC