What if carrying forth William Penn's legacy today requires a flashpoint of new invention? What if our students, our city and our world need our greatest contributions now? By the light of our charter, how far can we see?

A Vision for 10 Years, 25 Years, and Beyond


Re-Engineering the Academic Village

A new Lower School will reshape learning for our youngest students and unite pre-K to 12 students in a vibrant academic community.



Building on Brilliant Teaching

Opportunities to advance knowledge and teaching practice build a faculty of lifelong learners excited to collaborate with students. Those are the teachers we want to hire, inspire and retain.



Amplifying Athletics and Wellness

Facilities for physical education, health, sports and training will promote fitness for life, enhance performance, and fortify the PC athletic legacy. The new William A. Graham IV OPC '58 Athletics and Wellness Center backs our commitment to balancing academics, athletics and the arts.



Extending Our Public Purpose

Financial aid and the Center for Public Purpose connect us to our foundational Quaker values, provide access to PC for talented students, and create a learning environment and real-world experiences that benefit every student.



Evolving Our Campus Master Plan

With a focus on the environment, new and re-purposed facilities will meet the changing needs of the educational program. A new landscape inspired by the Wissahickon Gorge will provide spaces for outdoor learning and classrooms.



Ensuring the Next Decade

Bold innovation and transformative learning depend on financial sustainability, and the Annual Fund is key.

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Strategic Vision

The How Far Can We See? campaign will fund the vision of Penn Charter advanced in 2013 when Overseers approved Educating Students to Live Lives that Make a Difference: A Strategic Vision for the Future of William Penn Charter School.

The Strategic Vision put forward a plan to prepare students to thrive in 21st century and to make a difference.

Our Vision in Action

Unwrapping a 20-Year Grant

Naveena Bembry celebrates 20 years of teaching at Penn Charter with a professional development trip to Japan.

Athletes Driven to Service

Penn Charter hosts a basketball tournament to benefit Enable Sports and Fitness, a nonprofit established by Laurie and Robert Rosania OPC ’82 to provide fitness and athletic opportunities for youth and young adults with special needs.

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Join us to advance our shared mission and goal to create the most challenging, exhilarating educational program.