Evolving Our Campus Master Plan

As Penn Charter evolves, we must simultaneously develop and protect our beautiful, 47-acre campus, melding existing space with the changing needs of our academic program and mission. We imagine a campus strategically updated to improve practical issues like drainage and parking, while also expanding playing fields and outdoor learning areas.

How much farther can we see?

We can see an environmental plan unfolding today to preserve our grounds for tomorrow.

We are at once actively stewarding the natural beauty of our campus and ensuring that we use all corners of our campus as practically and productively as possible.

We can see our students learning the value of conservation by example.

With every sound investment we make in the ecology of our own campus, we are teaching our students to be better caretakers of this small corner of a world they and their peers will one day inherit in full.

With your support and investment, we can continue to shine fresh light on the duties of stewardship To help us evolve a master plan that is both functional and formative, we seek to raise more than $6 million.


Join Us

You are here because Penn Charter matters to you, too.
Join us to advance our shared mission and goal to create the most challenging, exhilarating educational program.

By the light of our charter

We See:

  • Open-air lessons learned under sunny skies
  • Ecological theories becoming hands-on environmental practices
  • Campus infrastructure made both more functional and more beautiful

How can we sustain a space of enlightenment for our students - for generations to come?

Our plan:

  • Galvanizes our physical plant for generations to come
  • Opens new spaces for outdoor exploration and observation
  • Grounds young citizens in the ecology of campus - and the planet