Ensuring the Next Decade

The Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses, and makes possible the full spectrum of opportunities only Penn Charter can provide—propelling our students beyond a solid education and into transformative learning.

How much farther can we see?

We can see the Annual Fund supporting everyday excellence and facilitating extraordinary new strides.

Even greater financial sustainability means we can continually update and upgrade teaching methods and instructional technology, and empowers us to do more for every student, every day.

We can see your gift developing our students’ gifts.

Our students’ unbounded explorations, their unanticipated discoveries, their elated accomplishments in the classroom and on the field, and their inspired creations in the studio—all have their roots in the firm financial foundation of our Annual Fund

With your support, we can continue to steward our reserves and build on a history of careful management and bold aspirations.

To safeguard the light of our charter for the next decade and beyond, we must raise more than $25 million

Join Us

You are here because Penn Charter matters to you, too.
Join us to advance our shared mission and goal to create the most challenging, exhilarating educational program.

By the light of our charter

We See:

  • The economic leverage to plan ambitiously for the future
  • The fiscal foundation for bold curriculum updates
  • The financial scaffolding to support faculty enrichment

With a fully endowed Annual Fund, how far can we move forward?

Our reserves:

  • Usher us toward innovation in our classrooms
  • Attract and retain the most qualified teachers
  • Maintain optimal class sizes and resources
  • Provide technological advances in every classroom
  • Embolden us to develop new extracurricular offerings
  • Enable us to continually improve and wisely evolve