Extending Our Public Purpose

Three centuries after our founding, William Penn Charter School continues to honor our namesake founder’s sense of equality and our Quaker commitment to justice

Through our far-reaching financial aid policy and our Center for Public Purpose, our school sustains a unique culture of inclusivity and service.

How much farther can we see?

We can see human warmth shared hand to hand and heart by heart.

Our character curriculum never starts or ends with mere charity, but instead puts students into real relationships with peers and adults city-wide. We engage problems side-by-side and see firsthand that aptitude and ability are spread equally across this city—even if opportunity is not.

We can see a wave of compassion spilling across the breadth of the nation.

Our curriculum and our approach to character education align to cast a wide light—a commitment to the greater good flowing from this school, through the minds of our students, into our community, our city, and beyond.

And our financial aid policy ensures that promising students from every background and all stations in life have access to a Penn Charter education. Our graduates learn and grow in an environment of respectful diversity and, in turn, set course in all directions, undertake meaningful work in many fields, and—ultimately—influence the public life of our nation

With a fully funded financial aid endowment and a more robust Center for Public Purpose, how far can this light travel?

With your support and dedication, we can continue to radiate our purpose worldwide. To ensure that a fully funded financial aid program, as well as our Center for Public Purpose, continue to expand our school’s vision for social justice and education for all, we seek to raise more than $13 million

Join Us

You are here because Penn Charter matters to you, too.
Join us to advance our shared mission and goal to create the most challenging, exhilarating educational program.

By the light of our charter

We See:

  • A school shaping a generation to reshape the world
  • Our own purpose embodied in meeting the needs of others
  • Penn Charter’s timeless values confronting Philadelphia’s urgent problems

Our reach:

  • Spans the immeasurable distance between different perspectives
  • Traces a path between neighborhoods and social stations
  • Extends across the country and around the globe