Goal 1: Quakerism

Deepen our identity and actions as a Friends school — and our students' understanding of Quaker values — to prepare our graduates to live lives that make a difference.


The centrality of "that of God" in each person and of Meeting for Worship will continue to ground our community and relationships, just as reflection and the habit of silence will continue to nurture learning and spiritual well-being. Quaker practice can guide us to plan for a healthy balance for students, teachers and staff in the school schedule and curriculum.

We will integrate service learning into the curriculum, pre-K to 12, and, as a private school with a public mission, create a Center for Public Purpose, a place where our students and the wider community can advance issues of equity, social justice and peace.

And we will:

  • Model and teach integrity, truth-telling, conflict resolution and ethical choices.
  • Achieve a diversity of people, including an increased presence of Quakers.
  • Prioritize environmental stewardship in the daily life of the school and in long-range decisions about building and remodeling projects.
  • Seek opportunities for collaborations that enhance global competency through a commitment to Philadelphia and the world.

Our plan for Penn Charter's future is organized around six goals, each with a set of strategies.




Prefer it in print? View and download this 24-page publication that explains the six goals of the Strategic Vision, the strategies to support those goals, and the themes and issues that inspired the Strategic Vision.

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