Goal 3: Teaching

Promote excellence in teaching by supporting faculty to develop and advance their professional practice.


The student-teacher relationship is at the heart of Penn Charter. We will hold tight to this essential relationship -- even as we see a new vision for a 21st century teacher.

In Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World, educators advocate a shift in the teacher's role "from that of the information provider to one of a catalyst, model, coach, innovator, researcher, and collaborator with the learner throughout the process."

In a classroom open to the world and supported with technology, the teacher's role can be expanded beyond what it has been. To promote excellence in teaching, we will build a faculty of lifelong learners who collaborate with students in a process of continuing revelation and joyful learning.

And we will:

  • Refine faculty evaluation to better align with desired student outcomes, and encourage and reward innovation and leadership.
  • Support faculty professional development, including summer work, faculty mentors and leadership coaching.
  • Provide structured opportunities and ample time for the development of cross-divisional and interdisciplinary work as well as collaboration among teachers and between students and teachers.
  • Strengthen faculty use of technology to further excellence in teaching and learning.

Our plan for Penn Charter's future is organized around six goals, each with a set of strategies.




Prefer it in print? View and download this 24-page publication that explains the six goals of the Strategic Vision, the strategies to support those goals, and the themes and issues that inspired the Strategic Vision.

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